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"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 21



 Here is an M40 which is a shell size 64. I cannot make out the manufacture code but the helmet looks like an ET. It was painted black eons ago with a red/orange spot painted onto the front. No idea when or why this was done. The helmet has an original liner and a pre-1940 strap. I cannot make out the date of the strap but it looks like 1938. The inside paint and soldier's name are original. I cannot say when the helmet was repainted on the outside. $285.00


"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 19




 Here is a decent basic example of an M16 camo with typical colors and typical painted pattern. It is a BF64 shell with an M17 steel framed liner. The pads are fairly intact although the one at front is seperating from the frame. The paint coverage remains 85-90% intact and is darkened from patina but all is 100% original. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 20




 Everybody loves a green canvas pith helmet. I cannot tell you the reason why some are green canvas and some are tan. But only one in fifty are green. To me, this is so much more "DAK-ish" than the tan ones because the color matches DAK uniforms. The cork body of this helmet is intact with no crushing. The shields are by all indications; original to the helmet. The sweatband and helmet interior appear to be worn rather than one of the un-issued ones which were discovered in a lot in the 1970s. I believe this helmet was issued and worn in Africa. The chinstrap has a minor repair near the right side buckle but barely shows. I couldn't even get it to show well in the photo. Maker marked and dated 1941. (Just in time for Tobruk!)  $600.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 18



 This is a decent example of a Japanese Navy helmet which likely dates to 1943 or so. The insignia is the stenciled yellow anchor which was factory applied during the war years; replacing the pre-war badge indicating Naval issue. The liner is the correct navy style leather with the suede side out. The chinstrap is a lighter tan than the army style straps. Overall this is a textbook example. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 17



Here is a real combat veteran. This helmet is an earlier M32 EF 64 which had left the factory as a single decal army helmet. It was subsequently painted over in green color (both outside and the inside skirt) The decal was painted over. The helmet was most likely a wire camo at one point because there is a portion of wire still wrapped around on of the split-pins. The strap is by all indications, original to the helmet $485.00




"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 1



This helmet is an ET68 which originally left the factory as a double decal army. The national color shield was scraped off as per 1940 specifications. The helmet retains 85-90% of it's original factory applied smooth texture paint. The Heer eagle decal rates at 95%. The liner and chinstrap[ are basically toast. This is a very honest helmet with a 100% honest "out of the attic" appearance. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 3



Here is a Q66 M40 Luftwaffe helmet with 90% original wartime textured paint. It has a 90% eagle decal. The liner and strap are toast and there is a small caliber bullet dent in the rear left.  SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 4



This is an Austrian WW1 M17 helmet which has been painted in grey a zillion years ago (But I'll not hazard a guess as to when) It has had 1960s-70s vintage repro decals applied. The liner looks like it's from the 1930s. All this can be yours for ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 5




The fellow who owned this helmet before me obcviously thought that the camouflage paint is not vintage. He didn't want to strip it because it looks good so he wrote on the inside in black marker "Repro paint" I tend to dis-agree. The paint looks quite vintage to me. But I am offering it here as a display helmet; "camouflage paint vintage unknown". The shell is a GBN64. Who doesn't love those? ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 6



Here is a Q66 M35 Luftwaffe helmet with 90% original pre-war smooth texture. It has a 90% eagle decal and all it's original split-pins with washers. Perfect to restore with an original liner. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 8



This is a near mint example of the Felt covered "second pattern" tropical pith helmet. The body is in fine shape with no dents or weak spots. The leather trim is intact and sound. Nice liner and strap. Well maker marked and dated 1942. 100% original in all regards. $325.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 9



Here is a very worn and incomplete "first pattern" tropical pith helmet. It has an intact cork body and original insignia. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 11



This is a very nice M42 Hkp64 no decal helmet os 1943-44 vintage. Intact liner and 95% original wartime textured paint. It comes with a field made camouflage cover which I believe to be original because it came from a vet-lot some years back. However, it is not a standard issue type and it's vintage can never be conformed so it will never pack the same punch as a verifiable cover. Perfect for display. The price for helmet and cover is SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet #12



This is an original M33 Italian helmet of pre-1945 production. It has faint remnants of a stencil at the front. Intact liner, broken chinstrap. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 13



Here is actually a pretty rare bird. It is a French contracted M15 helmet made for the Italian army pre-1918. It was repainted by the Italians in the 1930s. The liner is missing and there is no frontal badge. Probably never had one. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 14


This Romanian helmet is a pre-war Dutch contracted M27. It never had a frontal badge. I bought this from a digger in the area of Volgograd, Russia. He reported that he found it digging around the foundation of a building near the city center about 3 years ago. A genuine Stalingrad relic. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 15



Here is a German M16 helmet with very good paint. It rates at 95% with only some patina/discoloration. It is an ET66. The liner is toast but the helmet displays very well. $325.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 16

 Another example of a pre-1945 Japanese helmet. Police? Municipal worker? militia? The badge is original to the helmet. It has a neat non-standard style liner and intact chinstraps. kanji lettering at the back indicating a name or unit? $195.00