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Here you will find cheap helmets.

Buy them. Get them out of my hair


I should add this note however... For those of you who contact me and ask for discounts on the bargain basement helmets; please save your breath. They are bargain priced to sell quickly and they DO sell quickly as I have priced them. If you've been watching this page, you know that is true.

 Time and time again, there will be a $300 helmet and some guy asks me if I'll take 250 with shipping included. I tell him no. He answers back about what is my best price and we have to do the dance until he decides to buy it at the listed price.... And by that time it is sold to somebody else.

I know...we all want a deal. And I'm willing to offer you deals. That's why I have the Bargain basement. I just don't need time wasted by guys trying to chisel me a bit further.



Bargain Basement helmet #36



This is an NS64 M35 Luftwaffe helmet. The eagle decal is a typical NS factory applied type. The decal and paint show significant age and evenly distributed wear. The right side has had the national decal shield removed and a fake Feldherrenhalle decal has been applied. The liner is an original wartime liner but has been post-war installed. The split-pins show minor evidence of being re-bent. SOLD



Bargain Basement helmet #37




This is a Russian Hump-job of an original ET64 M35 DD SS helmet that was dug up in one of the former SS positions on the eastern front. The decals appear OK to me but there is not enough left of them in order to confirm this. I cannot guarantee them. The liner is a reproduction aluminum framed type that has been artificially aged to match the exterior condition. The split-pins appear to be original but are probably from another helmet. The chinstrap has a hand-made buckle. This helmet was sold by a Russian dealer to an American collector for $1500. I am selling it here for $350.00 ON HOLD






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