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"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 38



Here is a very Early ET66 Luftwaffe helmet; probably made in the first months of production. It was refurbished at some point during the war with a re-paint and a new 2nd pattern decal. The original Droop-tail eagle decal can be seen beneath. (Note the thickness of the swastika on the underlying decal, indicating that it is a droop-tail) There is some sort of green splooge on the front of the shell. The helmets original split-pins are still there. A helmet worthy of completion. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 39




This is a very early transition helmet dating to the period just after the Reichswehr became the Wehrmacht. The liner is a 1931 dated single-ply frame with the leather embossed for the size marking. The helmet was refurbished in mid-1930s double decal configuration but was later painted over. The Luftwaffe eagle decal is quite white with no patina matching the helmet itself. That's why it's here in the bargain basement. Let's call it an original helmet with an original decal that has been applied at some unknown time. Priced accordingly at $750.00. (It would be more than twice that if I could guarantee the eagle was period applied to the helmet)



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 40



This is a standard M16 helmet with 85% original paint and a well worn original liner. The three pads are fragile but intact. The chinstrap is like-wise original but is broken. $395.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 41



Sometimes they come this way ...*Sigh*... some bonehead figured he was making the world a better place by trying to put a decal on this helmet and then some other bone-head botched the job of removing it. The shell is an NS64 with 90% original paint and a beautiful NS pattern acceptance stamp inside the dome. Note the acceptance office location at the base of the stamp reads "Schwerte"; the home of NS. The helmet comes with it's original liner frame but no leather and n split-pins SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 33




The last person who bought this helmet paid nearly three-thousand dollars from a well known militaria dealer in New England. After owning it some years, he sent it to me to sell as a consignment. After examining it; I do not see enough evidence that it is a good one and therefore cannot attach any guarantee to it. I am selling it as a representative display. The helmet is a 1937 vintage former double decal ET64. The decals are long gone. The liner may or may not be pre-1945 installed. But it is an original liner and an original chinstrap. Overall the helmet has a good look and will fill that void in your collection that calls for a Chicken-wire camo. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 34



This is an original mid 1930s "Droop-bill" helmet which was a very common type seen as SS black parade helmets in the early years. Somebody repainted it and applied some pretty good replications of C.A.Pocher decals. It's a rare helmet shell which is worthy of finding some sort of correct liner. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 35



This is an original M42 helmet shell (EF66) with about 80% of it's original paint along with it's original split-pins. The liner and cheesy chinstrap are new. This one cries out for somebody to put it back into shape. ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 28


This is a 1950s produced Italian M33 which bears a striking resemblance to it's earlier WW2 Cousin. It's about a size 57. $50.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 31



This is a 1940 dated example f the standard British MkII infantry helmet. It has a camouflage net and scrim attached to it. There are small holes drilled into the shell near the rim on each side. Some say that the purpose of these holes is to denote the helmet as a factory reject; to be supplied to non-combatants. She still displays well. SOLD




"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 17



This is an Austrian M17 helmet made by the maker that uses a star as a logo. It is a shell size 66. I believe this one was produced between the wars because the color is a bit more green than WW1 models. The liner is typical Austrian; being the kind that had the pillows backed with salvaged material or material obtained from civilian use. The leather strap is definitely post WW1. $350.00




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