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"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 1



 This is a helmet that breaks my heart. It is an original M42 size 62 single decal Luftwaffe helmet that was period painted/camouflaged with a green over-paint. The surface of the helmet shows considerable wear. The decal is all there in outline but most of the details are gone. The liner appears to be original to the helmet and shows a good amount of wear. $395.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 3



This helmet is a size 62 combat weight helmet which was produced by EF. After the helmet was stamped, it failed metallurgical testing  and was found unfit for delivery to the military. Since the factory had already spent the time and effort to stamp the planchet into a helmet, rather than scrap the whole thing, they put the shell into a jig and drew a bead around the base of the dome. This was done to designate it as unfit for military contract and was set aside to be completed for supplying to commercial contractors who supplied helmets for private purchase by members of paramilitary organizations. The helmet was then painted and finished with a civilian style liner and sold as a Luftschutz helmet. It remains in pretty good shape and is all period original. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 5



This is an Early SA helmet which was made from a three-piece gladiator helmet; period repainted in political brown paint and SA decals applied. At some point after the war the decals were denazified by the removal of the swastika and defacing the "SA". Later, some collector decided to restore it by fixing the denazified parts with paint. Yes; she has been around the block but she is priced at a mere fraction of what completely nice SA helmets bring. $350.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 10



Here is your basic late war Luftschutz single piece gladiator style helmet with the plastic chinstrap which came out in the fall of 1944. The original Dark Blue paint is 99% intact. The liner and strap are complete and sound. At this stage of the war, they had dispensed with the application of decals. $195.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 14



This is an HKP M40 single decal luftwaffe helmet which has seen better days. The paint rates at 90% but the decal has had some significant damage done to it. The liner is an original which has been replaced into the helmet. So you get an original paint job, decal remnants and an original liner for cheap ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 15