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"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 9



I don't know exactly what this helmet is (how's that for a sales pitch?) The shell is a WW1 era m16. The liner is a civil type which was period installed in the 1930s when the helmet was originally issued as some kind of police or para-military type. There are the remnants of a party shield on the right side and a canted swastika decal. The decal on the left side is likely a fake. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 10



Here is a helmet with a look of just having come out of the attic. (Yes. Really) It is an EF64 former single decal army. The decal was removed long ago; probably period done to confirm to 1943 specifications. The liner is damaged. The chinstrap shows every indication of being original to the helmet. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 1

This is a helmet that just needs a little love and tenderness. It is a ckl66 M42 no-decal. approximately 1944 vintage. The outer surface is scuffed and dirty. The liner is worn. All original components. Liner has never been removed. just as found "out of the woodwork". SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 2



This is a civil police helmet. Original shell and liner. I don't know what those decals are. Original? hand painted party shield? You be the judge. ON HOLD


"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 3



This is a size 64 M40 combat shell with strange artwork on the top and side. It has been tweaked and is a bit out of shape. I believe the insignia and swastika on top are period done but I have no idea why. Take advantage of my ignorance and get a rare item! SOLD




"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 4



Here is a civil police helmet with original paint, original decals. The liner has had some post-war repair. original chinstrap is intact. $150.00 SOLD




"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 5



Another civil police helmet. Original decals, original liner. original paint. Chinstrap is broken. $125.00ON HOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 6

This one is an original M35 re-issue. original paint, original decal, original split-pins. The liner is a post-war copy. The shell is a size 62 but I do not know what the maker is because the markings are obscured by the period re-issue paint. SOLD


"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 7



These Japanese "Miscellaneous" type helmets are great. This one is definitely of pre-1945 vintage but what is it exactly? I don't know. Police? Municipal worker? militia? The badge is original to the helmet. There is a super neat flimsy style liner and intact chinstraps. Nice kanji lettering at the back indicating a name or unit? $195.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 8

 Another example of a pre-1945 Japanese helmet. Police? Municipal worker? militia? The badge is original to the helmet. It has a neat non-standard style liner and intact chinstraps. kanji lettering at the back indicating a name or unit? $195.00