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I should add this note however... For those of you who contact me and ask for discounts on the bargain basement helmets; please save your breath. They are bargain priced to sell quickly and they DO sell quickly as I have priced them. If you've been watching this page, you know that is true.

 Time and time again, there will be a $300 helmet and some guy asks me if I'll take 250 with shipping included. I tell him no. He answers back about what is my best price and we have to do the dance until he decides to buy it at the listed price.... And by that time it is sold to somebody else.

I know...we all want a deal. And I'm willing to offer you deals. That's why I have the Bargain basement. I just don't need time wasted by guys trying to chisel me a bit further.


Bargain Basement helmet #75


This is a US model 1917A1 as used up until the advent of the ubiquitous Mi of WW2 fame. ( hey; how about that? I spelled "ubiquitous" without the help of spell-check). Known as the "Kelly helmet" these were worn by soldiers and Marines from Panama to Iceland to Corrigedor to Pearl harbor). It is everything it is supposed to be. Nice paint, intact liner. ON HOLD



Bargain Basement helmet #74



This first model canvas covered pith helmet has original shields, decent trim and original chinstrap.  The body the rare type made from Wicker; which always holds the form better and crushes less.  The sweatband appears to be from another pith helmet because the mounting connectors do not line up with the ones on the inside of the helmet body. Still displays very well. SOLD


Bargain Basement helmet #73



This is a no frills first model canvas covered pith helmet. Original shields. The leather trim is dried and has fallen off in a few places. Otherwise she is not bad. SOLD


Bargain Basement helmet #72



This first model canvas covered pith helmet is an ORL maker. They are the ones who made the helmet bodies with woven wicker; rather than pressed cork. Wicker bodies withstand damage better. This one has all original shields and nice canvas covering without much staining. The problem is that the chinstrap broke right near where it connects to the edge of the helmet. Normally I would ask five hundred dollars for a wicker body pith helmet  but with the chinstrap issue, you can have this one for  SOLD


Bargain Basement helmet #71


A sad pith helmet. It thinks that nobody wants it. SOLD


Bargain Basement helmet #70



This is just then pith helmet for the guy who doesn't need to look inside it all the time. No liner. But she is a real looker nonetheless. Sound cork body and nice shields. All original. SOLD



Bargain Basement helmet #69



WW1 British Brodie helmet. This is the exact type of helmet worn by the British Tommies as they went over the top in 1917-1918. 95% paint, sound liner and strap. 100% original. $200.00



Bargain Basement helmet #67


This is a Russian helmet made at the Red October factory in Stalingrad in 1958. Just like the WW2 one except it has a sewn-on strap rather than the riveted ones of the pre-1945 model. $50.00



Bargain Basement helmet #66


This is one of the last Polish Army helmets made before they switched top Kevlar just like every other civilized country. $30.00



Bargain Basement helmet #61


Here is a crappy police helmet. I don't think the insignias are any good. $100.00



Bargain Basement helmet #60



This is an Si66 M16 WW1 German helmet with a chalky tan colored over-paint which I believe is period done. Helmets were painted this color in the trenches of the Champagne region of France where the ground is quite white due to the chalk deposits. The paint remains 95%+ intact. The inside is smeared with the paint as well. The M16 leather liner frame is still there but the pads are long gone. The original split-pins are prtesent and have not been tampered with. A fascinating helmet that displays quite well. $375.00



Bargain Basement helmet #59




This is is a French Model 1935 tropical pith helmet produced by a company in Marseille (southern France) for the French army and Navy. The ink-stamp indicates the helmet was made in the 1sdt quarter (January-March) 1935. Most likely the helmet was produced in White for the French Navy which was anchored nearby this port city. The helmet has had German Navy pith helmet shields added to the sides. The shields are 100% original and are of matching manufacture. The helmet is about a size 57 and there are some moisture stains on the outside. The inside is typical French manufacture style with small cork discs installed as a buffer between the body of the helmet and the sweat-band. German soldiers of the Army, Navy and Luftwaffe are known to have used captured French Pith helmets. The Navy version is quite rare. $475.00



Bargain Basement helmet #56



A very nice police parade helmet with 99% insignias and paint, an excellent condition liner and strap. $365.00



Bargain Basement helmet #55



This one proves that Germans had Friday afternoons just like the rest of us. Just look at it. The helmet left the factory with only two split-pin holes and two split-pins installed. Just think of it, this thing passed the shell inspection and went tothe assembly room where the liner installers must have just shook their heads and finished it (with only two split-pins) and passed it along. Later; probably after it had been issued, somebody drilled a small hole into the side of the helmet that was missing the pin. They found a little screw and nut and finished the helmet themself. The helmet is a 1942-1943 example which did have a decal applied but this was later removed as per July 1943 specifications. In the world of coin collection; factory mistakes make the coin rise in value many times over. It's not the same in the helmet world. $475.00



Bargain Basement helmet #54



This is a fire helmet made from an M40 size 64 shell which I believe was produced just after the war. Most of the immediate postwar helmets which we have seen are made by the Quist firm. but this one is marked NS as being made by the united steel works in Schwerte. I don't believe that the helmet was ordewred by the federal government because until 1949-50 such a thing diudn't exist and certainly the allied military government wasn;t going to be paying for them. I think this helmet was contracted by a municipality. That's just my theory. You can buy this fascinating helmet for $200.00



Bargain Basement helmet #41




This is a fairly crudely stamped M35 style helmet. The concensus among collectors is that helmets of this type are the so-called "MI6" helmet; designed and produced by order of the British secret service for use in covert operations. I have seen other examples which have liners that are closer to British style. This one appears to have a standard M31 liner frame and split-pins. The air-vent bushings are not missing. In the few exaples of these helmets which I have examined, it appears they were not designed as part of this helmet. There are no markings anywhere on the shell. A fascinating example which is a cross between German helmets and James Bond. $350.00


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