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I should add this note however... For those of you who contact me and ask for discounts on the bargain basement helmets; please save your breath. They are bargain priced to sell quickly and they DO sell quickly as I have priced them. If you've been watching this page, you know that is true.

 Time and time again, there will be a $300 helmet and some guy asks me if I'll take 250 with shipping included. I tell him no. He answers back about what is my best price and we have to do the dance until he decides to buy it at the listed price.... And by that time it is sold to somebody else.

I know...we all want a deal. And I'm willing to offer you deals. That's why I have the Bargain basement. I just don't need time wasted by guys trying to chisel me a bit further.



Bargain Basement helmet #53



This is one of the earliest German M35 helmets ever made. In the fall of 1935 the ET factory was given the go-ahead to start production of the new M35 helmet. Along with beginning to arm the new Wehrmacht, the first couple of months of production was spent cranking out M35 helmets to fill a sales contract for Spain. Tens of thousands were shipped out to Spain fitted with M31 liners and painted in field green paint with no insignia. The Spanish later painted them brown and attached a badge to the front via a soldered-on sheet metal mounting bracket.

This helmet shows the Spanish brown paint and the badge mount. The liner is a later produced three pad type which the Spanish used to refurbish helmets which were still in storage in the 1950s. The liner has a metal chinstrap bale on one side and a simple leather strap protruding from the liner on the other side. The steel lot number is under 3000 indicating the helmet was made probably in late 1935. The ET64 marking is there and is the early font style. This helmet costs $200.00 ON HOLD



Bargain Basement helmet #54



This is a fire helmet made from an M40 size 64 shell which I believe was produced just after the war. Most of the immediate postwar helmets which we have seen are made by the Quist firm. but this one is marked NS as being made by the united steel works in Schwerte. I don't believe that the helmet was ordewred by the federal government because until 1949-50 such a thing diudn't exist and certainly the allied military government wasn;t going to be paying for them. I think this helmet was contracted by a municipality. That's just my theory. You can buy this fascinating helmet for $200.00




Bargain Basement helmet #50



This is an original Q66 M35 helmet shell. The exterior has been painted over wartime as a re-issue. Factory applied decals were most likely removed. There seems to be traces of a later applied decal on the colors-side but I can't tell if it is a wartime one. This helmet actually came from a WW2 veteran estate here in Lapeer. But the guy liked taking things apart and all the other components were gone. The interior still has the factory paint and it appears to be a really early shade but I can't verify the lot number. I believe the helmet is from 1936. Anyway, if you feel like a project restoring it; here it is. SOLD


Bargain Basement helmet #51



As far as helmet shells go, this one is the creme-de-la-creme. It is a 100% original Quist size 68 M35 helmet. No original paint. It's been sand-blasted and sprayed over in feld-grau and has some surface scuffs on it from storage. There are two areas where it has been cracked. This is not battle damage. It happened in storage. If you (or your wife/girlfriend) is handy with a welder, you can bring this one back to life. I am not handy with a welder so I am offering it here for SOLD



Bargain Basement helmet #52



People just don't appreciate how rare these helmets are. The French M26 was used by the French armies through the 1930s and during the debacle of 1940. The vast majority of them were reworked in the 1950s for "Defense Passive" (civil defense) or for sale to other countries.  This one is a straight WW2 example. SOLD




Bargain Basement helmet #41




This is a fairly crudely stamped M35 style helmet. The concensus among collectors is that helmets of this type are the so-called "MI6" helmet; designed and produced by order of the British secret service for use in covert operations. I have seen other examples which have liners that are closer to British style. This one appears to have a standard M31 liner frame and split-pins. The air-vent bushings are not missing. In the few exaples of these helmets which I have examined, it appears they were not designed as part of this helmet. There are no markings anywhere on the shell. A fascinating example which is a cross between German helmets and James Bond. $350.00



Bargain Basement helmet #49



This M1915 helmet is adorned with the badge of the "Chasseur a pied". Non-mounted light infantry used to great effect on the western front. The helmet has a fist pattern liner which shows use and wear; it is worn through along the front rim and the rear seam has come loose. The chinstrap is broken. Great outward appearance. ON HOLD


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