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"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 21



I know absolutely nothing about Italian helmets. This is an M33 Italian helmet with insignia on the front and the side. It has what I believe are the original liner and chinstrap. What does the insignia mean? and is it original? You be the judge. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 15




This is an ET64 M35 re-issue helmet with a Peiniger eagle decal applied to the wearers left. Peiniger decals are not too popular among collectors because so many of them exist today in original unapplied form and so few are found as having been originally applied to helmets. But when one does show up; it is generally found on an early war re-issue, just like this helmet is. (when I say "early war", I mean post 1940/pre 1942 and usually the shell is an M35.) The white over-paint is dubious. Parts of it look good and parts do not. I cannot guarantee the white paint was applied by a German soldier in 1944 or a veteran's kid re-enacting the battle of the bulge in 1960. Clearly it's been there for decades but I just can't say how many. The liner is an original which I believe has been installed in this helmet in recent years. There is no history on this helmet. Just came from another collector. He thought it was real (and paid the price for it). I'm selling it as a "maybe original...but probably not". In any case, it makes a great display and at very least, the components are original. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 16



Here is a nice civil police helmet with a good amount of it's original decals and original paint. There is a repair made to one end of the chinstrap. The shell is maker marked. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 17



This is an Austrian M17 helmet made by the maker that uses a star as a logo. It is a shell size 66. I believe this one was produced between the wars because the color is a bit more green than WW1 models. The liner is typical Austrian; being the kind that had the pillows backed with salvaged material or material obtained from civilian use. The leather strap is definitely post WW1. $350.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 18



I am not sure what this helmet is supposed to be so I'll just describe it by it's components. The shell is a size 66 WW1 Austrian with original ink-stamped maker mark and original brown paint. The liner is post WW1. Probably from the Czech M1919 helmet (which was identical to the WW1 Austrian helmet) The chinstrap is the "Berndorf" pattern so called because of it's resemblance to those used with the M17 Austrian helmet produced by the Krupp factory at Berndorf. I believe it is from the 1920s as well. The green panel which are painted onto the helmet exterior do not look period. I mean not from the 1920s/30s. I don't know when they were added nor by whom. It is a cool helmet that can be bought for $395.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 19



Here is an original German M40 helmet (Q66) which was one of the thousands left in Norway when the Germans left in 1945. The Norwegian army stripped the shell and repainted it; adding Norwegian army decals to both sides. The original German liner has a 1938 dated aluminum framed liner which has been treated with the reddish leather treatment that the Norwegians splattered over all their leather products. The chinstrap is a German one which had been period trimmed to remove slack. Most of these Norwegian reworks have been repainted and altered at some point by collectors since they were surplused by Norway in the 1970s. This is a rare example of one which remains in Norwegian configuration. $425.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 20



This is a helmet which has seen a long, hard life. It is an EF66 M35 double decal Luftwaffe helmet. It shows considerable wear. It was over-painted in light tan (or yellowed white) paint; I believe it was done during the war but so much of it is missing because of damage and use that I cannot be certain. The liner is an original but appears to have been replaced into this helmet. Give it a good home. ON HOLD




"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 5



This is an Early SA helmet which was made from a three-piece gladiator helmet; period repainted in political brown paint and SA decals applied. At some point after the war the decals were denazified by the removal of the swastika and defacing the "SA". Later, some collector decided to restore it by fixing the denazified parts with paint. Yes; she has been around the block but she is priced at a mere fraction of what completely nice SA helmets bring. SOLD



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 10



Here is your basic late war Luftschutz single piece gladiator style helmet with the plastic chinstrap which came out in the fall of 1944. The original Dark Blue paint is 99% intact. The liner and strap are complete and sound. At this stage of the war, they had dispensed with the application of decals. $195.00



"Bargain Basement" Helmet # 14



This is an HKP M40 single decal luftwaffe helmet which has seen better days. The paint rates at 90% but the decal has had some significant damage done to it. The liner is an original which has been replaced into the helmet. So you get an original paint job, decal remnants and an original liner for cheap. ON HOLD