Once again; I do not apply decals or paint camouflage helmets but every now and then I get some in which have already been "customized". Here are a few German ones which you might like


Restored helmet #95


This is an original M35 Q64 shell in excellent condition with no malformations, no cracks, no pitting and no dents. It has been stripped to bare metal and repainted with pre-1940 smooth texture luftwaffe feld-blau paint. Luftwaffe decals have been added. New liner and chinstrap. Gorgeous. $265.00




Restored helmet #94


This is a Q64 M35 helmet shell which was very well restored to represent a black Allgemeine SS parade helmet. The shell was originally painted in correct feldgrau but the exterior and inside rim were painted over in black with C.A.Pocher type repro decals added. A very nice job. SOLD


Restored helmet #92



This helmet was painted very nicely by somebody. I do not know whom.   The shell is an original SE64 M35. The decal is  correct type used by SE during this period. The helmet was originally recreated as a double decal but the national colors was removed as per M1940 specifications.  Original shell. all the rest is new. ON HOLD




Restored helmet #91



This helmet was painted very nicely by somebody. I do not know whom.  The ordnance tan color is spot on and the damage is very convincing. It is meant to replicate a Field police in some tropical area. The shell is an original ET64 M40. Original split-pins. all the rest is new. $250.00




Restored helmet #80



Here is an Si62 M18 that has been restored and repainted. It has the correct M18 liner and strap. The camouflage pattern is a good representaion of an original. $300.00








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