Once again; I do not apply decals or paint camouflage helmets but every now and then I get some in which have already been "customized". Here are a few German ones which you might like


Restored helmet #87


Let's not forget the little fellows. This is a helmet that was restored to represent a Hitler youth flak helper. It is a small size 60 shell with rough texture paint, a single Luftwaffe decal over a Hitler youth diamond.  SOLD



Restored helmet #83


The last guy who bought this helmet paid $2200 for it. That is no joke> It is an original M35 Q64 shell with new paint, new liner and strap. You can buy it for $275.00



Restored helmet #84


Here is an original M16 size 66 that was painted black with repro SS decals a long long time ago. The liner is an original WW1 three-pad which is about half intact. The helmet represents an early 30s SS transition. SOLD



Restored helmet #85


Anybody remember the old advertisements from Unique imports in the 1970s? You could buy original WW2 German helmets for $19.95. They were helmets which had been bought as surplus from Norway who had used them after the war. These helmets were repainted in "unique imports green" and cheap Japanese-made decals were applied. Well here is one of them. The liner is shot but you can still display this helmet as a stroll down memory lane. It is an M42 ckl size 66. $165.00




Restored helmet #86


Here is another blast from our collecting past. An M40 ET64 which was painted in "unique imports green" with a Japanese-made decal set. An original WW2 German helmet in 1970s restored configuration. $200




Restored helmet #80



Here is an Si62 M18 that has been restored and repainted. It has the correct M18 liner and strap. The camouflage pattern is a good representaion of an original. $300.00



Restored helmet #81



This is an original Ckl66 shell with original liner, original strap and a new camouflage paint job. Makes a great display for a fraction of one with original paint. The parts are worth more than my asking price. SOLD



Restored helmet #73



This is an Original Pre-1945 German produced M42 helmet. Maker/size marked Ckl66. It has been repainted in textured feld grau with a tan color camo applied over that. A quality lacquer-applied Heer eagle transfer has been applied to it. The liner and strap are from a 1950s-60s German border guard helmet and have a nice aged look to them $200.00



Restored helmet #75


This is an original M35 helmet shell (ET62) with new paint and decals; representing an Algemeine SS helmet. $225.00






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