Once again; I do not apply decals or paint camouflage helmets but every now and then I get some in which have already been "customized". Here are a few German ones which you might like


Restored helmet #65


Here is an Si62 M18 nicely restored with the correct reproduction liner and strap. A three-color camo scheme has been added to the exterior. $300.00



Restored helmet #66


Here is an NS68 M42 helmet thatb was finished as a single decal army helmet. It has been roughed up a bit to simulate age and wear. A high quality lacquer transfer has been added. $350.00ON HOLD



Restored helmet #67


This is a late war Ckl68 helmet which has been finished with fairly smooth texture paint (as many late war helmets were) The army decal is a hi quality lacquer transfer. $350.00




Restored helmet #64


Vintage 1976 Advertisement

Here is one which is a real blast from the past. In the 1970s, "Unique Imports" of Alexandria, Virginia bought a large load of original German WW2 helmets (all makes and models) from Norwegian army surplus. The Norwegians had used scavenged them up after the Germans surrendered and used about 80,000 of them for their post war army. They were stripped of all paint, then repainted with Norwegian brown/green and the liners were rebuilt. Unique imports repainted them in green, blue, black or tan to represent all branches of service and then added made-in-Japan decals.

Here isan example of one of them. It is an ET66 M40 original helmet shell with "Unique Imports" green paint and decals. The liner and strap are Norwegian. Decent shell with no cracks but has some pitting on the top.  $200.00



Restored helmet #60


This M16 helmet has been repainted and very early reproduction decals applied. It seems like this one was restored long ago and with the intention of fooling collectors. The liner is an original aluminum framed type with good leather. SOLD



Restored helmet #58


This is an original ET 62 M16 helmet which has been stripped and repainted in a very nicely matching feldgrau as used during WW. The liner and chinstrap are reproduction.  $220.00



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