Our Europe trip June 2015

The boy and I made another pilgrimage to Normandy this year. Then we headed east and saw some other stuff.

We made our traditional first stop in St Marie du Mont which is much cooler than St Mere Egliese. It was crowded with re-enactors and vehicle. This German staff car is definately something that I would like to be tooling around in.


His Tongue was blue for the next 10 hours.


Sunken Norman roads are my favorite places to drive.


The crossroads at Culoville. HQ of the 506th PIR on D-Day evening.


You find the neatest stuff in Normandy Museums



There was a re-union of 'Band of brothers' actors at a fundraiser near our hotel. Of course we had to stop by for a visit.


Mikey is posing here with the actors who played George Luz and "Wild Bill" Guarnere.


A photo with Perconte and Liebgott


It looks like "Popeye" Doyle grew a beard since the movie was filmed.


A veteran of the 2nd rangers who assaulted Pointe du Hoc


Posing with "Pee Wee" Martin who was really with the 506th on D-day


Mk IV tanks are the best tanks


A German army bicycle


We stopped at a Militaria shop and picked him out a hat.


I ended up with a couple of Normandy camo helmets which are really great.


Examining today's finds before it's time to brush his teeth


D-Day morning about 0800. Omaha Beach. Chilly


The coastal battery at Longues-sur-mer. We always end up going there.



Eating a French Watermelon on top of a gun emplacement. French watermelons are small and expensive.



We left Normandy and headed for the North of France to see some WW1 sites.


On top of Vimy Ridge at the Canadian memorial.


You find the most interesting things laying near the paths


A barb-wire post left in a plowed field. The trenches used to be full of them. Take your kid to a WW1 battlefield and see all the uses that he can find for them.



While heading east toward Germany we arrived at Verdun. If you are familiar with WW1, you know what happened there.


The famous ossuary built in the 20s. Repository of the bones of some 125,000 unidentified men of both sides gathered from the fields in the decades after the war. The cemetery itself is home to about 10,000 French soldiers. Quite somber; even on a sunny spring day.


Walking out in the forests which have grown around Verdun, we encountered a neat reminder of the past. Another Barb wire stake; the type of which used to litter the battlefields.


A view from inside a bunker in the forest. It was behind French lines so was most likely an ammo storage place.


We stopped for lunch near another French dug-out. Baguettes and butter. Can't get better than that.


Germany. We weren't there for an hour before the boy shinnied up a cherry tree and ate until he was ready to burst.



Rotenberg Ob Der Taube. German helmet enthusiasts might be interested to know that there was a leather goods factory in this town which made chinstraps for German helmets. We couldn't find them though.


My Favorite part of the fatherland


Yes, it's nice to be a tourist sometimes


What a view. Who would have ever wanted to bomb this place anyway?




I bought a Luftwaffe Honor Goblet on our last day in Germany. Later I will conduct a poll asking you all to guess what I was drinking from it.