These helmets are not for sale. They are part of my collection. This is a sort of cyber "show and tell". I will be periodically updating this page; removing some and adding some


M40 single decal army helmet, Q64, 1940




This is an M35 helmet produced to M1940 specifications; regarding paint and decal configuration. Note the left over pre-1940 subcontracted pins. The liner frame is dated 1939. The dome acceptance stamp is a non-dated 1940 style.





M40 single decal army helmet, EF66




This  helmet bears the eagle decal which is particular to 1940-41 produced EF helmets and is found on no other maker/model.




M40 single decal army helmet, SE66



This SE66 is just the way that I like to find them.







M42 No-decal army helmet with snow camouflage





This is one of the very few "one looker" original snow camouflage helmets that I have ever owned.





M35 Double decal Luftwaffe helmet with 3-color spray camouflage






The Luftwaffe decals can easily be seen in relief under the spray camouflage. The chinstrap was left exposed when the base coat of tan was applied.







M40 single decal Luftwaffe helmet with 3-color spray camouflage






This helmet; as is usual, had a tan base coat applied before green and brown sections were added over the top. The inside skirt has been paint as well.





M35 Chicken-wire camouflage helmet


This one has a look that I really dig. The wire attachment method is quite simple but must have taken some talent to achieve.





M38 Double decal paratrooper helmet



This is a mid-1939 produced M38 paratrooper helmet with black foam padding; correct for this period. It has the first pattern chinstraps and is an ET71.







M40 Single decal SS helmet




Here is a near mint example of an M40 SS helmet. It is an ET 64 with 1941 dated components.





These below links show part of my collection of US WW2 Airborne helmets






Below you will find my two panzer mannequins. I like panzer things as well.