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 Item 427 M38 No-decal Paratrooper Helmet






This is an overall decent example of a later war German no-decal paratrooper helmet. It is the flared-rim version that was made in 1944. The paint remains 95% intact and is quite good in that it has not been subject to handling wear which tends to make it shiny and dark. The texture is excellent. The leather of the liner is decent but the straps; although complete are dry and a bit stiff. $3950.00



New! Item 431 M38 camouflage paratrooper Helmet








This is a very nice example of a paratrooper helmet which appears to have the style of camouflage over-paint which was applied to helmets by members of the 6th fallschirmjaeger regiment prior to the battles around Carentan, Normandy. This helmet is an ET68 with a 4950 lot number indicating a likely production period of very early 1940. The camouflage paint consists of two colors which are mixed with sawdust with is evenly spread over the surface of the helmet. The liner is intact with leather that is worn but in very good condition. There is one issue with the liner which I have observed and was apparently un-noticed by the last two owners. With M38 helmets, the rubber padding material is normally sewn to the liner frame by two sets of heavy stitches running through holes stamped into the metal outer band. In the case of this helmet it appears that they were attached by means of some sort of thick epoxy. This epoxy has dried and shrunken to a degree; leaving the padding no longer attached firmly to the inside of the metal frame. It is not particularly loose nor falling out but the separation can bee seen all around the inner circumference of the liner frame. I cannot state for certain when this epoxy was applied; period or no. One other thing; One of the rear straps has been repaired in a fairly professional way. (see photos) It looks like it was done by a saddle maker. There are two likelihoods here. One is that it was wartime repaired and the other is that the strap was cut in order to remove the helmet from the head of the soldier and later repaired post-war for esthetic purposes. Looking at the ding in the rear rim of the helmet; it's fairly obviously that probably somebody got hurt really bad... so I am betting that the strap was cut to remove the helmet and then later was repaired. Overall this helmet has a wonderful appearance. The bolts do not appear to have been turned since the paint was applied. The straps are supple and sound and all displays quite well. ON HOLD



New! Item 435 M40 single decal army Chicken-wire camouflage Helmet






This is an ET64 single decal army helmet that was camouflaged by three color spray. The decal was covered completely.  The helmet was further camouflaged by the addition of a full basket of medium gauge chicken-wire. The camouflage paint remains in 95% condition and the three colors contrast well with each other. There are subtle signs of interaction between the wire and the surface of the helmet. The liner shows moderate use and wear. As much as I am always preaching about the caution that should be shown when judging a chicken-wire helmet; I can say that this example is one in which I thoroughly believe. It's a knock-out.  $12,500.00



New! Item 436 M35 double decal Luftwaffe chicken-wire camouflage Helmet





As chicken-wire helmets go; this one ranks among the best. The helmet began life an a double decal EF66 Luftwaffe helmet. It was later painted over in a subtle three color pattern; being mostly comprised of two shades of yellowish-green and a bit of brick-red added. The wire is a full basket of medium weight/medium gauge which has the remains of paint on it's oxidized surface which matches the colors of the camouflaged helmet exterior. The helmet shows signs of having been used and there are scratches and damage to the finish but it retains a very unique and attractive look. The liner is intact and sound and the helmet is named on the rear skirt. The chinstrap is a correct pre-1940 :Luftwaffe type and is by all indications; original to the helmet. This helmet was found as a "sleeper" at the Louisville Gun show about 4 years ago. It quickly became the talk of the show. I hounded the guy who found it until he made a deal to sell it to me. $15,000.00



New! Item 437 M35 Double decal SS Helmet





This is one of the most attractive examples which I have ever seen. Not because of a "Minty" appearance but because it has that certain honest look about it. A true one -looker from first glance. The shell is an ET64 with 95% paint coverage. A very good light patina has settled over the helmet very evenly. The SS runic shield is a textbook pre-1940 ET style. The party shield has a few scratches in it but rates at a solid 92%. The liner shows moderate wear. There are a total of three names penned inside the liner indicating the helmet was issued and re-issued again to at least three different soldiers. The liner frame is dated 1939. The lot number of the shell indicates 1939 production. The chinstrap is by all indications; original to the helmet and is a product of Rahm-Kampmann; Wuppertal. I cannot make out the last 2 digits of the date. If did not own any other M35 DD SS helmets, I would be happy to own this one. ON HOLD



New! Item 439 M42 29th division souvenir Helmet




For some reason, souvenir painted helmets were very popular with men f the 29th division as I have seen more than a few which were adorned as this one is; with the "29 Let's go" motto, the insignia and place names which were scenes of 29th division battles through 1944 and 1945. This one retains 85% of it's original factory paint and the place names show fairly well. The helmet is an ET66 with a very nice ET factory decal remaining 90% intact. The liner has seen better days but the real beauty of this helmet lies with it's exterior appearance.  SOLD



New! Item 440 MkII British army Helmet



TOne of the coolest and most iconic helmets of WW2; this is a standard British issue MkII "Tommy" helmet. Some of my favorite images of the war are British soldiers leaping out of the landing craft at Gold, sword and Juno with these helmets. It retains 95% of it's original factory applied rough texture paint. The liner is intact and sound; dated 1940 ( a lot of British helmets are dated 1940 because after the debacle of Dunkirk; where the BEF returned to England with only the clothes on their backs, helmet production was given top priority in the rebuilding of the King's army) The net is one of the 5 or 6 variants produced by the UK. Overall excellent.   SOLD



New! Item 441 M40 single decal army Helmet



This is a very nice example of your standard M40 single decal army helmet. 95% paint and a very nice ET textbook factory applied decal. The liner shows only light wear and is nicely "bowl shaped". The chinstrap appears by all indications to be original to the helmet.  SOLD



New! Item 442 M40 No-decal Helmet



Here is a Q68 M40 no-decal helmet which is likely of 1943-44 production. The shell retains 98% of it's original textured feldgrau. The leather of the size 61 liner appears to be unworn.  SOLD




New! Item 443 M40 Tropical camouflage single decal army Helmet



This is one of the most honest appearing tropical tan painted helmets which I've yet seen. The paint appears to have been of fairly thin viscosity which allows the eagle decal to show through nicely. The helmet is an SE66 and shows very even and moderate wear through-out. The chinstrap appears to be original to the helmet.  SOLD



New! Item 444 M40 Luftwaffe Helmet; "Herman Goering" division




The main feature of this helmet is not so much the interesting thick camouflage paint but the fact that it is named to an NCO of the pioneer regiment of the Herman "Goering" regiment. The helmet is an M40 Luftwaffe which assumabley had a single Luftwaffe decal on it before the application of the thick, light brown mud-like camo. The colors are just what one would expect to see in Sicily. There are some chunks chipped out of the top of the helmet and overall it shows considerable wear but it is one of the most interestng camouflage helmets that I have ever run across. Any piece of equipment which is ID'd to the Herman Goering regiment is extremely rare and has always been highly sought after. $4500.00



 Item 377 M40 Single decal Luftwaffe Helmet




Here is a fairly early M40 Luftwaffe helmet; Q66 with 99% paint and decal. Very good texture and matte quality. The split pins are from earlier contracted batches which were painted with smooth texture paint. The helmet bears the laundry marking of a US soldier (Last name initial and last 4 digits of Army service number) A splendid example. $750.00 ON HOLD



 Item 414 M35 Re-issue schutzpolizei Helmet




This is a fairly early M35 ET66 helmet which was either originally a Police or an army helmet. It was later refurbished with darker paint and a set of police decals. The inside rim of the helmet is painted over in a finish which has much more texture than the exterior. I have no explanation for this and have not seen this feature before; however, by all indications the paint is pre-1945 through-out. The helmet ha the original wearers name penned into the liner but this was subsequently crossed out and another name was written on the leather. This name also appears on a tag which is glued inside the dome of the helmet. Overall a very interesting hemet with obvious history. $1900.00



 Item 433 M35 double decal army Helmet




This is an EF66 double decal army helmet of 1939 vintage. The Eagle decal is a C.A. Pocher which was used as factory applications at EF during 1939. The decals rate at 95% while the paint remains 95% intact. The paint is that particular shade of darker feldgrau which was used on EF helmets from 1938-1939. The liner shows good age and wear with one of the fingers torn. SOLD




 Item 435 M16 camouflage Helmet




Here is an M16 helmet which is a size 64 and was manufactured by "Bell-L". It has a full and intact liner consisting of three pads of chrome-tanned leather with each having a small horse-hair stuffed pillow inside a pouch on the rear. The helmet is named to a Lieutenant Mehl. The camouflage pattern is a three-color type with black separation lines of which 90% remains intact. Displays well from all angles. SOLD




 Item 432 M35 Double decal army Helmet




This is a 1939 vintage Double decal army helmet; ET62. The lot number staes the helmet production to 1939. (This was probably the biggest year for ET production of M35 helmets as it is the most commonly encountered) The helmet has an acceptance stamp inside the dome which is dated 1939. The aluminum re-enforced liner frame is dated 1939. The chinstrap is marked by a maker from Cottbus and is dated 1939. The helmet was refurbished at some point (presumably before the spring of 1940 when the specifications called for elimination of the national color shield) The exterior of the helmet was painted over in early feldgrau color. You can see the brush strokes; particularly under the decals. The Army decal is an August Juttner pattern; which was also used by the ET factory but in this case, it is the version that was used for post-factory-modification. The helmet has a wonderful "untouched" appearance to it. SOLD




 Item 393 M40 chicken-wire helmet (formerly a tropical camo) Helmet




This Q62 helmet originally left the factory as a single decal Luftwaffe. At some point, the helmet was painted over in tan paint. Later it was painted over in feldgrau paint. The decal has been completely obscured. The wire mesh was added after the feldgrau over-paint. The wire is a typical pre-1945 pattern being made of galvanized material which was zinc coated by immersion after the mesh was woven. All of the characteristics (such as interaction between the wire and the helmet surface) are there which point to this being an original pre-145 wire helmet. $2400.00



 Item 424 M35 camouflage Helmet




This is an ET64 M35 helmet which originally left the factory as a double decal army. It was subsequently over-painted in a three color camouflage pattern. The eagle decal shows through in a spot of damage. The national color shield has been slightly work-on post war in order to enhance the underlying decal. The liner is a correct aluminum re-enforced type but is likely not original to the helmet due to several signs of being bent. The split-ns show signs of having been removed and replaced. Two of them appear to have the paint touched up on them in order to match the camouflage. They may or may not be original to the helmet. $1450.00




 Item 428 M40 Double decal Police Helmet




This is a very nice example of a mid-war Quist police helmet. It is an M40 Q64 with 95% paint and decals. The liner shows moderate wear as does the chinstrap. Overall the helmet has a super honest appearance. $1900.00



 Item 429 M42 Luftwaffe Helmet




This is one of the very few "double decal" M42 helmets which I have ever felt comfortable in assessing as completely original. The helmet left the factory as a single decal ET66 Luftwaffe helmet with the correct factory applied eagle decal. At some point subsequently, a national color shield was added by hand painting to the left side of the helmet. I have examined this one from top to bottom and I am convinced that it is a period modification and I am wiling to put that into writing.  $1250.00




 Item 419 M35 Double decal army Helmet




This is a Quist size 64 shell with 95% of it's original smooth texture paint. The Army decal is a textbook Quist "House decal" and is the expected big-foot variant. The liner is a 1939 dated aluminum re-enforced frame with very good leather which shows only moderate wear/age.  The chinstrap is in commensurate condition and could be original to the helmet. The maker marks are worn but I can tell that it is a 1939 "Rahm-Kampmann" strap. Overall a decent double decal army helmet. SOLD



 Item 410 M35 camouflage army Helmet




This M35 helmet started life as a double decal army but was refurbished according to 1940 specifications with textured paint and a Post 1940 steel framed liner. The helmet was later camouflaged by spray application of standard ordnance tan and green paint. There is no sign of a decal beneath the camouflage paint. The leather of the liner is intact and shows moderate wear. The chinstrap appears to be original to the helmet but is not possible to verify. $2300.00



 Item 411 M42 Tan camouflage army Helmet




This is a very attractive M42 helmet with a late war over-paint of ordnance tan. The helmet is an NS64 and most likely had an army decal however there is no trace of it beneath the tan aint. There is a certain amount of rust on the helmet's surface. The helmet is named prominently on the rear skirt. The chinstrap appears to be original to the helmet and is dated 1942. Overall a very honest looking helmet that is "well balanced" regarding component condition. $2800.00



 Item 412 M35 Luftwaffe Helmet




Here is an ET64 helmet originally produced in about 1938 as a double decal Luftwaffe. It was used at a flight school in Dresden as per the ink-stamp on then inside dome. It was later painted over with wartime textured paint; covering the national colors decal as per 1940 specifications. The Luftwaffe eagle decal remains 90% intact. The liner is the original factory installed aluminum re-enforced example dated 1938. The chinstrap has been broken off at the tip; most likely after the war. The leather of the liner retains a nice bowl shape and is moderately used. $1250.00






 Item 415 M35 double decal army Helmet



This is an ET 66 double decal army helmet with a standard ET variant Eagle decal which remains 92% intact. The national color shield remains 80% intact. The original smooth texture paint rates at 80% overall. The liner is an early production non-re-enforced aluminum frame type. The maker/date cannot be seen however the size marking can be seen on the opposite side. The size stamped into the liner frame indicates a liner size 59; however the leather itself is marked as size 58. I take this to indicate that the leather and inner liner frame have been added to this helmet' having been removed from another helmet. Although all parts are original to the period, they have been installed into this helmet after it left the factory and thus possibly after the war.  SOLD



 Item 402 M35 Tropical camouflage Helmet





Here is a very good example of an M35 helmet which was over-painted in a tan finish on both the outside and the inside rim. These are my favorite kinds of tropical helmets. The tan color is a bit darker and "browner" than the most accepted shade of "Pink-tan" which is commonly associated with helmets that served with PanzerarmeeAfrika. But in my opinion, there is no hard-set rule regarding paint hue. I have seen verifiable DAK used helmets in a wide range of tan colors. This example was painted over any underlying decals and there is paint spillage on the aluminum liner frame. The liner is dated 1938. The leather is darkened by moisture (most likely perspiration) It is just the way we want to see helmets which have supposedly been worn in tropical areas. The chinstrap appears to be original to the helmet being in commensurate condition. I believe that the maker mark is "Rahm-Kampmann 1938" but I cannot verify it due to the wear. Overall this is a well-balanced helmet; all components being in like condition. $2950.00



 Item 401 M35 Double decal army Helmet



Here is a very good example of what we might call and entry level double decal army helmet. One that is in nice condition but relatively affordable. It is an ET66 of 1938 vintage. 90% original smooth texture paint and 90% decals. The eagle decal is a textbook example of an ET factory application. It shows only moderate surface wear and some crazing to the protective lacquer. This crazing is commonly caused by storage conditions where the lacquer "cures" at a different rate than the underlying paint. The liner is an aluminum re-enforced type with leather that matches the condition of the helmet overall. The leather is completely original and correct but has been newly installed into this helmet as the helmet was originally found as a shell with an outer liner frame and split-pins. The leather along with the inner liner frame have been carefully re-set into the outer frame. The installation of the leather and inner frame was done in such a way that it is virtually impossible to tell. However I state it here in the spirit of "full-disclosure". Basically...if I didn't tell you, you would never suspect. That is how well it was done. The price of the helmet is set with this in mind. SOLD



New! Item 407 M42 Single decal Luftwaffe Helmet




This is an ET66 Luftwaffe helmet with 95%+ of it's wartime textured paint. The paint is the typical grey-blue which was used by ET and remains in very nice condition with excellent matte quality and no color-altering patina. You will notice that there is a paint blob at the left side air-vent. Occasionally even German helmet painters got to hurrying a bit when the Friday afternoon bell is about to ring....The decal is the standard eagle which was used for ET factory applications. It remains 97% intact. Liner shows moderate wear but is intact with no problems. All in all an honest and "well-balanced" helmet. $950.00




 Item 368 M35 single decal army Helmet



This is an ET64 former double decal army of 1939 vintage. The helmet exterior has been painted over and an ET style re-issue decal applied over the feldgrau paint. The original factory applied national color shield is easily visible beneath the over-paint. When the helmet was repainted, the interior was left in it's factory issue configuration. The 1939 acceptance stamp is visible inside the dome. The liner is an aluminum framed type which is dated 1939. The chinstrap maker markings are faint but they indicate production by Rahm-Kampmann in 1939. Overall a very attractive and honest helmet. $1550.00



 Item 371 M1940 Luftwaffe tropical pith Helmet



This is a fairly late helmet; most likely dating to 1943. The sweatband is not marked with any date or manufacturer. The cork body is in excellent condition with no breaks or crushed spots. The leather trim remains in excellent condition with only the most minor scuffing. The Luftwaffe eagle is a fairly high quality silver finished tombak version. The prongs are sound and firmly affixed to the side of the helmet. The helmet size is a real whopper. Although it is not size marked, it is at least a size 60. One of the better examples that I have seen. $700.00




Item 355 Photo of Luftwaffe gefreiter with M35 helmet

This photo is about 2 X 3 inches. It's an original print of a period portrait. It is blank on the rear. $25.00 postpaid



 Item 981 M1916 helmet of the Portuguese army corps / western front 1917



 Portugal ended up sending 2 divisions to Europe to man about 15 miles of the western Front. They didn't fare too well against the German offensives of 1918; suffering heavy casualties. Portuguese equipment and helmets were supplied mainly by the British but were of specific Portuguese design. There is only one type of helmet shell but over the years I have observed them in various configurations such as liner and paint. This one has a three pads liner with pillows in pockets at the rear. The chinstrap is attached by very lightweight wire bales. The finish apparently has several coats of paint, the most recent being French "Horizon blue". A very rare example of a very rare production helmet. SOLD




 Item 926 1930s black SS parade helmet



 These are referred to as "Parade" helmets because during the early mid 30s the basic function of the SS was as a Guard unit. Helmets such as these were worn during such duties but are more remembered for the parades and functions such as featured in Leni Reifenstahls "Triumph of the will". This is a commercially produced helmet which is of a type documented as being worn by the SS. Hand painted insignias were the norm until the standardization of SS helmet insignia by order of Himmler's office in August of 1935 (See "Helmet decals of the third Reich"; page 149) The insignia on this helmet is a hand-rendered set of Runes within a shield shape. Close-up examination of the insignia leaves little doubt as to it's authenticity as a pre-1935 applied example. The helmet itself is of unknown manufacture. Actually no records exist to determine which contractors produced these helmets at this time. The liner and chinstrap assembly are commensurate with other examples of the period. This example remains in intact and sound condition. Price $5800.00



 Item 847 M1915 Italian Adrian helmet

fitted as a parade helmet for a General




 This an original M1915 helmet produced for Italy by France. (France was an industrial giant during WW1. Once they got production of the M15 rolling, they were turning them out by the bushel; supplying them to any country who had enough money to order them. Few other countries took the pains to design and produce their own helmet...there was a war on, you know.) The shell is a medium size one with factory applied green paint and standard M15 liner (as would be found in any Adrian produced at that time) It was made without frontal badge retention holes. The standard Italian helmet of the period did not use frontal badges. This helmet is fitted with a cloth backed silver eagle and silver side mount for a parade plume. Comes from the Rudy D'angelo collection. $3000.00










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