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New! Item 373 M35 Double decal army Helmet




Here is a very nice NS68 M35 double decal army helmet. The factory smooth texture paint retains excellent color and matte quality; not having been effected by collector handling. The paint rates at 97%. The decals are standard C.A. Pochers which were universally used by NS as factory applications.  The liner is a single ply aluminum frame with a clear 1937 date. The chinstrap has just enough wear at the tip that I am not able to discern the maker/date but if I had to guess, I would say "Rahm-Kampmann 1937". The dome acceptance stamp is not visible. Overall this helmet stands as one of the most honest that I have seen. Just a bit of wear but remaining very attractive. ON HOLD



New! Item 374 M40 single decal army Helmet




One of the top-5 condition helmets of it's kind that I have ever seen. 99% textured paint which retains excellent texture and has not been effected by handling wear that makes the finish shiny.  99% Heer decal (ET style) Nice crisp clean liner which is completely original to the helmet. The shell is an SE66. The chinstrap is un-marked. This is a helmet that will fit on the shelf of the most discriminating collector. SOLD


New! Item 376 M40 Single decal Luftwaffe Helmet




Here is one of the nicer examples that I have seen of an M40 Quist Luftwaffe. Shell size is 64. The decal rates at 99%. The textured paint finish retains excellent color, texture and Matte quality due to no effects of handling wear. The liner is in commensurate condition with no damage and only slight signs of wear. The chinstrap is: i believe, original to the helmet and bears a 1941 date as well as the name of the soldier who the helmet belonged to.  SOLD



New! Item 377 M40 Single decal Luftwaffe Helmet




Here is a fairly early M40 Luftwaffe helmet; Q66 with 99% paint and decal. Very good texture and matte quality. The split pins are from earlier contracted batches which were painted with smooth texture paint. The helmet bears the laundry marking of a US soldier (Last name initial and last 4 digits of Army service number) A splendid example. $1000.00



New! Item 378 M40 Single decal Luftwaffe Helmet



This is a Q66 M40 Luftwaffe helmet with 97% of it's original wartime textured paint. The eagle is in commensurate condition remaining at least 97% intact. The chinstrap is in lesser condition and although it is original and was made by a known Luftwaffe contractor, it is most likely not original to the helmet. The liner is not original to the helmet (although it is an original liner). You can see traces of brown paint/preservative that was applied to WW2 German liners used by the Norwegian army in the post-war years. The small metal brads which affix the leather to the inner liner frame are zinc rather than the brass ones used by the Norwegians when they rebuilt the liners.  The helmet itself is an unaltered vet-bring-back so the liner has to have been replaced into this helmet in recent years. The attractive part of this helmet is the wonderful condition of the shell, decal and paint. SOLD



New! Item 379 M42 army Helmet



This is an M42 helmet made by NS (shell size 64) it originally had a decal on it but it was removed as per 1943 specifications. It was done very neatly and only slight traces remain. The inside of the dome shows a very nice NS style acceptance stamp. The drawstring is non-standard. $450.00



 Item 372 M35 tropical camouflage single decal army Helmet





This is an EF64 M35 helmet which very likely originally left the factory as a double decal army helmet. It was refurbished after the introduction of 1940 specifications. Painted inside and out with a textured feldgrau finish and a single ET style decal was applied. The helmet was later camouflaged by spray application of ordinance tan paint. The paint covers the inside rim as well as portions of the liner frame and even the leather in some spots. The chinstrap is in commensurate condition but is a non-textbook variant which appears not factory made. The tan camouflage paint remains 90% intact and the decal shows through nicely. I do not believe this helmet to be from the African theater but rather was painted later using vehicle paint. However, it has a very good appearance and is 100% honest. Just FYI; This helmets is profiled in the book GERMAN HEADGEAR IN WORLD WAR II, by Pat Moran & Jon Maquire on page 167.




 Item 365 M40 single decal Luftwaffe Helmet



This is not your garden variety Luftwaffe M40. It is an EF64 with the correct EF style eagle decal. Slightly yellowed as EF types tend to be. The condition is outstanding with the paint remaining literally 99.5%. The blue-grey finish shows little or no wear to the textured surface and the matte quality is excellent showing little or no effects of patina or shininess caused by handling. The liner is in almost un-issued condition. The helmet is topped off with a very well marked chinstrap made by a known Luftwaffe contractor. Rare maker...outstanding condition...You really cannot ask for a better example. $1750.00



 Item 366 M18 Police transition Helmet



Police transitions are the most difficult to find of all transition helmets; that is if you are talking a "true" transition helmet dating to the period just before the advent of the M35 helmet. This is an M18 helmet which was refurbished early mid-1930s; being repainted in M35 spec feldgrau with the installation of an early aluminum non-reinforced liner with early alloy-type slot-washer split pins. The Police decal is an early Methner & Berger type which pre-dates the factory finished M35 Police helmets (first contracted in 1936). The helmet retains 95% f it's original paint with the decals in commensurate condition. Overall, a very nice example of one of the earliest Schutzpolizei helmets. $1850.00



 Item 367 M35 Double decal army Helmet



Here is a very decent example of your basic Double decal Quist army helmet. Shell size 64. The steel lot number is a two-digit number which in itself does not effectively date the shell as it is outside of the normally encountered sequences. The liner and chinstrap bear 1937 dates. The eagle decal is a typical Quist "house" decal; being the type known as the "bigfoot". The helmet is named on both the shell and liner. Overall a decent, honest example. $1650.00



 Item 368 M35 single decal army Helmet



This is an ET64 former double decal army of 1939 vintage. The helmet exterior has been painted over and an ET style re-issue decal applied over the feldgrau paint. The original factory applied national color shield is easily visible beneath the over-paint. When the helmet was repainted, the interior was left in it's factory issue configuration. The 1939 acceptance stamp is visible inside the dome. The liner is an aluminum framed type which is dated 1939. The chinstrap maker markings are faint but they indicate production by Rahm-Kampmann in 1939. Overall a very attractive and honest helmet. $1550.00



 Item 369 M35 single decal army Helmet



This is an EF66 M35 helmet that was completely refurbished as per 1940 specifications. The paint is a very dark shade of feldgrau. The eagle army decal is a reissue type and remains 95% intact; showing surface wear which is commensurate with the helmet as a whole. The liner is intact and sound with it's original chinstrap. The helmet is nicely named on the rear skirt. A very good example of a moderately worn combat helmet.  SOLD



Item 370 M1937 Kriegsmarine sun Helmet



This is an exceedingly rare sun helmet. I've literally seen about a half-dozen examples in all my years. This is the finest condition one which I have encountered. It is the one which I used to illustrate this model helmet when I worked on my first book "Germany's combat helmets" back in the late 2000s. The actual nomenclature is the M1937 pattern but that is most likely a collector term. The helmet is based on the imperial German design but the red/green interior color appears for the first time in helmets produced during the mid-late 1930s. The body is made from a molded composite material resembling pressed cardboard which was chemically impregnated for sturdiness. It is finished with an applied felt finish inside and out. The sweatband is adjustable by a rather complicated method. The insignia resembles that of the "Donald duck" hats and is unique to this model helmet. A fascinating early piece of Kriegsmarine head-gear. SOLD



 Item 371 M1940 Luftwaffe tropical pith Helmet



This is a fairly late helmet; most likely dating to 1943. The sweatband is not marked with any date or manufacturer. The cork body is in excellent condition with no breaks or crushed spots. The leather trim remains in excellent condition with only the most minor scuffing. The Luftwaffe eagle is a fairly high quality silver finished tombak version. The prongs are sound and firmly affixed to the side of the helmet. The helmet size is a real whopper. Although it is not size marked, it is at least a size 60. One of the better examples that I have seen. $700.00



 Item 375 M1915 style Italian Adrian Helmet; used in Spanish civil war.



I know what you are going to say... If it was a "Civil" war; why were people shooting at each other?

This is an Adrian helmet which was made in Italy just after World war one. Sometimes referred to as the "M20" Italian Adrian. In the summer of 1936, it was one of the ones sent as part of Mussolini's support of the Spanish Nationalists during the Spanish civil war. Repainted in a more green-ish color by the Spanish and the chinstrap replaced by them. The liner appears to be the original Italian produced one. The condition is overall fairly good. The survivability of these helmets in a collectible condition is particularly rare. Most were all but destroyed in very poor post-war storage conditions. $250.00



Item 355 Photo of Luftwaffe gefreiter with M35 helmet

This photo is about 2 X 3 inches. It's an original print of a period portrait. It is blank on the rear. $25.00 postpaid



 Item 360 M35 Single decal Kriegsmarine Helmet



A fair to good example of one of the SE 1940 contract KM helmets where they used late production M35 helmet shells to complete the order right around the time of the adoption of M40 specifications. This helmet has a worn surface with good paint coverage. The decal is a later ET un-layered type which is typical of SE factory application for the 1940 KM contract. The liner has seen better days but overall she is an honest and un-molested example. SOLD



 Item 349 M40 Luftwaffe Helmet



This is an Hkp64 Luftwaffe helmet that has seen definite extended use before being given a re-paint in Luftwaffe blue.  The eagle decal remains visible in outline under the feld-blau over paint but it is obviously nicked and damaged. The liner shows wear but no abuse. The chinstrap has commensurate wear but we can still see the delightful maker mark and 1943 date. This one is simple, honest and basic SOLD




NEW! Item 981 M1916 helmet of the Portuguese army corps / western front 1917



 Portugal ended up sending 2 divisions to Europe to man about 15 miles of the western Front. They didn't fare too well against the German offensives of 1918; suffering heavy casualties. Portuguese equipment and helmets were supplied mainly by the British but were of specific Portuguese design. There is only one type of helmet shell but over the years I have observed them in various configurations such as liner and paint. This one has a three pads liner with pillows in pockets at the rear. The chinstrap is attached by very lightweight wire bales. The finish apparently has several coats of paint, the most recent being French "Horizon blue". An very rare example of a very rare production helmet. $650.00




 Item 926 1930s black SS parade helmet



 These are referred to as "Parade" helmets because during the early mid 30s the basic function of the SS was as a Guard unit. Helmets such as these were worn during such duties but are more remembered for the parades and functions such as featured in Leni Reifenstahls "Triumph of the will". This is a commercially produced helmet which is of a type documented as being worn by the SS. Hand painted insignias were the norm until the standardization of SS helmet insignia by order of Himmler's office in August of 1935 (See "Helmet decals of the third Reich"; page 149) The insignia on this helmet is a hand-rendered set of Runes within a shield shape. Close-up examination of the insignia leaves little doubt as to it's authenticity as a pre-1935 applied example. The helmet itself is of unknown manufacture. Actually no records exist to determine which contractors produced these helmets at this time. The liner and chinstrap assembly are commensurate with other examples of the period. This example remains in intact and sound condition. Price $5800.00



 Item 847 M1915 Italian Adrian helmet

fitted as a parade helmet for a General




 This an original M1915 helmet produced for Italy by France. (France was an industrial giant during WW1. Once they got production of the M15 rolling, they were turning them out by the bushel; supplying them to any country who had enough money to order them. Few other countries took the pains to design and produce their own helmet...there was a war on, you know.) The shell is a medium size one with factory applied green paint and standard M15 liner (as would be found in any Adrian produced at that time) It was made without frontal badge retention holes. The standard Italian helmet of the period did not use frontal badges. This helmet is fitted with a cloth backed silver eagle and silver side mount for a parade plume. Comes from the Rudy D'angelo collection. $3000.00












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