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New! Item 332 M35 Double decal police Helmet




This is an ET64 Schutzpolizei helmet in wonderful condition. The paint is free from blemishing and retains a very good feldgrau color which has not been altered much by patina and collector handling. The Police decal is typical for ET factory finished helmets of this period. (The helmet dates to 1939). The acceptance stamp inside the dome is faint but in the right light, you can see 1939. There had previously been a name tag at the rear but the name was removed. The chinstrap appears to be original to the helmet. It is either undated or the markings are faint. The condition of this helmet rates it very close to being "top shelf" ON HOLD



New! Item 333 M35 army Helmet w/thick texture




This SE64 M35 army helmet originally left the factory as a double decal. By the name painted into the rear, we see that it was issued to an officer; one Leutnant Orthey. At some point (assumably mid-war time) the helmet was painted over in a thick texture paint which has masked any traces of decals. You can see in the photos how the paint is thick enough; almost to cover the split-pin heads. The interior of the helmet shows no alteration with the original factory applied paint showing on the dome and the skirts. The helmet shows just enough wear that the maker mark has been obscured from the chin-strap. The liner frame date is not visible due to dirt build-up. Overall, this helmet has a great combat appearance yet remains in quite attractive condition.  Helmets with these characteristics do not come around that often. ON HOLD



New! Item 334 M42 Army Helmet



A good friend of mine once described his collecting tastes as being a love for "common helmets in uncommon condition". That is what we have here. The shell is an Hkp64 and is of 1943 vintage. The paint rates at 98%. The liner shows only a hint of use and the acceptance stamp remains visible inside the dome. The chinstrap is in commensurate condition and I assume it to be original to the helmet. ON HOLD



New! Item 335 Japanese army combat Helmet




I love Japanese helmets and this one has all the bells and whistles. The pig-skin liner is intact and sound with a maker/date/acceptance stamp inside the front pad which is dated 19 in the Showa calendar (1944 ) The leather frame of the liner is marked in the rear with the character indicating "Large". This character is hand-painted onto the inside rim as well. The chinstraps are full-length. The paint coverage is excellent and overall, the helmet shows just enough wear to indicate that it saw service. There are some words painted in english letters around the inside of the rim. I cannot make out what they say but I assume them to be place names written in by the veteran who captured this helmet. ON HOLD




 Item 330 M42 Single decal Waffen SS Helmet




This is the nicest example of an M42 SS helmet that I have been able to offer in at least the last 5 years. The shell is a Ckl66 with a steel lot accountability number of 31xx indicating the likely production time-frame as the summer of 1943 and thus one of the last SS helmets produced which had a factory applied decal. The decal itself is a textbook ET/Ckl type which remains 97% intact. The shield shows minor wear in an evenly spread pattern. The background of the decal remains silver/white; not having been much effected by patina. The paint is typical light texture as seen on Ckl helmets of this period. It remains 95% intact with a few small areas of centralized damage/chipping. The size 59 liner is intact and sound; being in a very nice condition with wear having produced a "bowl" shape to the leather. The name of an SS soldier "Schliemann" is written onto the leather of the liner.  I have to describe this SS helmet as being very near "top shelf" condition. ON HOLD



 Item 331 M35 Double decal Luftwaffe Helmet




Here is a very decent 1939 dated ET64 Luftwaffe helmet with 92% decals and paint. The first model droop-tail eagle shows some chipping over the surface but the details are excellent. There is a faint 1939 dated acceptance stamp inside the dome. The liner is a re-enforced aluminum frame (dated 1939) with very good leather. The chinstrap is a brown Luftwaffe type and is unit marked as is almost typical for pre-1940 Luftwaffe helmets. The end of the strap has been period shortened about an inch in order to remove slack. This is a well balanced helmet with a very honest look to it.  SOLD



 Item 324 M35 Double decal army Helmet



Fresh from "out of the woodwork" in south-east Michigan. This is a very decent example of a double decal army helmet with a extremely honest-to-goodness fresh "attic look". Completely uncleaned and unaltered. The decals remain in very nice shape with only minor scratches. The paint has heavy patina and a "film" of attic dirt. The heer eagle is a typical ET factory application. The ET62 shell has a lot number commensurate with 1939 production. The aluminum re-enforced liner frame is dated 1939. The aluminum hardware mounted chinstrap has a maker marking but no visible date. If you like them fresh from the primary source...then this is a helmet you should consider. $2250.00



 Item 325 M40 No-decal army Helmet



This is an example of your basic late war M40 army helmet by F.W. Quist. The shell is a Q64 with 95% paint, a nice pigskin liner and an unmarked chinstrap which shows the late-war finish method giving an almost patent-leather appearance to the black side. Overall this one does not show a lot of wear. $650.00ON HOLD



 Item 326 M35 double decal army Helmet; over-paint




This is a former Double decal army helmet that was painted over at some point during the war-years. The paint was brush-applied so is fairly thick with visible brush-strokes. You can see a faint outline of the Heer eagle but not the color shield. Personally, I really like the paint-run and the way the painted spilled some of the lighter feldgrau paint on the edges of the liner frame. There is even a tad bit on the leather itself. The liner frame is a re-enforced type with a 1938 date. The chinstrap shows every indication of being original to this helmet and is likewise dated 1938. I cannot make out any part of the dome acceptance stamp so we don't get a triple-play here as far as dates. But still he is quite a good-looking display and a fine example of an early helmet that was wartime repurposed. SOLD



 Item 327 M40 army Helmet with original camouflage net



I just watched this documentary about Normandy and they showed some great footage of Germans running through the hedgerows. A number of them were wearing Zeltbahns as ponchos and helmets with nets on them. That sort of thing really starts my heart a beating. This is a Q66 helmet which is a post 1943 example with the maker mark at the rear. Of course, it had never had a decal applied. The paint remains 95% intact and the liner shows a bit of honest wear. The net is an example of the only issue-type that the Germans ever came up with; a simple 30mm sized mesh made from natural hemp twine with a circumferential drawstring made from the same material with a zinc-plated ring t draw the netting tight around the helmet. There are the standard attachment hooks made also from zinc-coated wire attached at two points in the front of the net. However, they cannot be seen n the photos as they are buried beneath the netting tucked under the liner frame. It is nearly impossible to verify whether a net has always been with a certain helmet. But in this case, I can say it has not. The net is 100% original; as is the helmet itself but the net has been mated to the helmet in recent times. Not war-time done. You must agree though; that this is a killer display. $1550.00



 Item 314 M35 Double decal Luftwaffe Helmet



This is a good example of one of my favorite helmets; the Luftwaffe double decal with 1st pattern droop-tail eagle. The decals on this one rate fairly high with only minor damage. The smooth texture paint is 95% intact. On the top of the shell, there is evidence of a brush strokes of matching paint having been applied crossing each other in the form of a large "asterisk" shape. I do not know the reason why this was done. The liner is a 1939 dated aluminum double ply frame with very decent leather. The helmet is an ET64 with a lot number corresponding to the liner frame date. $1300.00



 Item 315 M42 Single decal army Helmet



Everybody loves an M42 single decal army helmet. This one comes in my favorite flavor: ET and is a size 66. The wartime textured paint rates at 95% while the decal is likewise 95% intact. The paint has nice overall coverage with moderate wear and no bad spots. The chinstrap appears original to the helmet. The leather of the liner shows good wear but no damage. It is interesting to note the method by which the original wearer wove the drawstring through the first tier of leather vent holes. This would have caused the helmet to ride higher on his head so we might assume that he had a wide/short head; hopefully not as extreme as Stewie Griffin from "Family guy" but you see what I mean.) Overall this is a very decent example of what I like to call the "Quintessential WW2 German combat helmet"; the single decal M42 army. SOLD



 Item 318 M40 Single decal army Helmet



This EF64 single decal Army helmet takes the prize as having the most "Honest/Out-of-the-woodwork" look to it. It displays an amount of un-cleaned rust and dust. Some mice have apparently stopped by for lunch inside the liner. The paint rates at 90% as does the ET style decal. (I believe that by late '41 or early '42, EF did away with it's version of the ET decal as we begin to see more usage of the standard ET decal...but for more info on that, you can consult my book "The helmet decals of the third Reich"). The leather is just about shot due to the aforementioned mouse visitation but the chinstrap is intact; being an aluminum buckle version. A lieutenant by the name of Tiech painted his name on the inside skirt. SOLD



Item 320 M16 Imperial German army Helmet




M16 helmets are sometimes found in paint colors that are a bit "off" from the normal; even though are completely original period examples. I take this o indicate that in the early years the factories experienced supply issues just as at any other time. This is an ET64 with abut 90% of it's original paint. (More a "Forrest green" rather than the typical "Feldgrau") The liner is a later steel-framed type often referred to as the "M17" liner./ The leather pads are intact and sound. The chinstrap is an original with brass fittings (very rarely found still attached to a helmet as the M91 chinstrap post arrangement was a terrible wartime expediency and most often unless they were field modified, they would have a tendency to be too loose fitting) The leather of the strap is pliable and sound; matching the condition of the helmet itself. Here's your chance to pick up a complete and all original M16 helmet. SOLD



 Item 322 M16 Imperial German army Helmet




Hear is another neat example of an M16 helmet with a seldom encountered intact liner. In this case, look at one of the pads...it has three fingers rather than the normal two. It is another example of wartime expediency as I have seen liners with all three pads being three-finger types. The helmet has 90% of it's original paint and a "64" stenciled onto the inside rim to indicate the size because the maker/size marking is so faint as to be unread-able. (I cannot make out the maker on this helmet but the shell shape seems to be a "BF" to me). SOLD



 Item 323 M1940 Pith Tropical pith Helmet



If you have been watching my site for any length of time, you will undoubtedly know that I am a big fan of tropical pith helmets. As a complete and original bit of German AfikaKorps headgear, you'll not find a better bang for your buck. Here is one made by MM and dated 1941. The shields are most likely not original to the helmet because you can see the existence of other holes punched into the body where presumably other shields were previously located. The chinstrap also has a stitch in it near the body which could indicate a repair. But the cork body is in good shape with no crushed or broken cork panels. The canvas is fine and the shields themselves are indeed originals. SOLD



 Item 982 M40 single decal Waffen SS helmet




 I'd be willing to bet that you haven't seen an SS decal this nice. It is a classic Quist runic shield applied to a Q66 M40 helmet of 1940 vintage. The entire helmet is completely untouched. Take note of the matte quality of the paint which retains excellent texture and has not been altered by collector handling or patina. The steel framed liner band is dated 1940. The leather of the liner has a dark spot which could indicate this as a "KIA" helmet. Overall this M40 SS fits every definition of being "Top shelf" for it's condition and untouched state. ON HOLD




 Item 307 M35 Double decal army Helmet




This is an SE66 M35 helmet dating to 1937 via the date of the non-reinforced liner frame and the chinstrap. The paint is still quite matte in appearance; not having acquired a sheen or shine from handling wear. The Heer eagle decal remains 98% intact. You can see definite razing in the lacquer coating which gives the insignia tons of character and honesty added to it's considerably nice condition. The national color shield is one of the nicest I have seen. Overall, this one should be considered very close to the "top shelf". SOLD



Item 835 M42 Tan camouflage helmet



 This is an Hkp62 M42 helmet which was produced as a no-decal. It has been painted over in a tannish color paint applied by brush to the exterior as well as the inside skirt covering up to the liner frame. Some paint has gotten onto the frame in a couple of spots. I have always been a big fn of helmets which have been field repainted in such a manner. The helmet was issued too late in the war to be considered a DAK helmet. Indeed it is likely that it was used in Northwest Europe rather than Italy/Sicily. The paint has survived quite well and this one displays excellently. ON HOLD




Item 985 M40 army camouflage helmet




 This is a Q64 single decal army helmet that was brush painted in a two-color swirl pattern. 85% of the camouflage pant remains intact. The army decal is buried under there and is not visible. The liner shows hard use and subsequent storage based damage. All components of this helmets are original and the condition is as it was acquired from the primary source (the "woodwork") however at some point; almost certainly post-war, somebody got into the liner and "Jimmy'd" it. I think they may have taken it out and they even dismantled the inner frame assembly from the outer frame as it shows evidence of being reassembled with very amateur hands. (Actually, I have seen this more than once when buying a helmet even from the veteran himself; a case where a non-collector just wanted to take the helmet apart and see what makes it tick) in any case, the helmet has not been altered or enhanced in anyway and in that sense it remains an honest piece that is highly display-able and attractive. ON HOLD




 Item 970 A pair of M42 single decal army helmets

From the same unit captured at Cherbourg, France; June 1944









 This is a fairly unique pair of helmets. They were not brought to the US by a single veteran but were sourced by me in two different places some two years apart from each other. (One came from North Carolina and the other from South Dakota.) They are both Ckl64 helmet shells. They are both M42 single decal army helmets with 95% paint and 95% decal. Liners are original, intact and sound. Chinstraps are original; one is marked and the other is not. Both have a name and feldpost number hand painted at the rear skirt. The feldpost number is from a mortar unit which was attached to the Cherbourg defenses in the spring of 1944. Although there is no information on the veteran(s) who brought these helmets home in 1945, it is pretty safe to assume that they were captured at the time that Cherbourg fell to the US VII corps (composed of the US 4th, 9th and 79th infantry divisions). One helmet belonged to a gefreiter and the other to an oberleutnant (who may indeed have been the company commander). The fact that they have been re-united here is by virtue of a remarkable coincidence. Individually, they are wonderful examples of completely honest combat helmets. Together, they make a display which is nothing less than extraordinary. ON HOLD




NEW! Item 981 M1916 helmet of the Portuguese army corps / western front 1917



 Portugal ended up sending 2 divisions to Europe to man about 15 miles of the western Front. They didn't fare too well against the German offensives of 1918; suffering heavy casualties. Portuguese equipment and helmets were supplied mainly by the British but were of specific Portuguese design. There is only one type of helmet shell but over the years I have observed them in various configurations such as liner and paint. This one has a three pads liner with pillows in pockets at the rear. The chinstrap is attached by very lightweight wire bales. The finish apparently has several coats of paint, the most recent being French "Horizon blue". An very rare example of a very rare production helmet. $650.00




 Item 943 M1940 Luftwaffe Pith helmet



 This is a brown leather trimmed Luftwaffe pith helmet which never had the metal insignias applied at the sides. It was instead; hand-painted in white with the insignia hand painted at the sides. I would imagine that it was for use as a parade helmet. It remains in overall sturdy condition but has been stored in a basement so is dirty and has red paint spilled on it. Still this helmet deserves love like the rest of us. $195.00



 Item 926 1930s black SS parade helmet



 These are referred to as "Parade" helmets because during the early mid 30s the basic function of the SS was as a Guard unit. Helmets such as these were worn during such duties but are more remembered for the parades and functions such as featured in Leni Reifenstahls "Triumph of the will". This is a commercially produced helmet which is of a type documented as being worn by the SS. Hand painted insignias were the norm until the standardization of SS helmet insignia by order of Himmler's office in August of 1935 (See "Helmet decals of the third Reich"; page 149) The insignia on this helmet is a hand-rendered set of Runes within a shield shape. Close-up examination of the insignia leaves little doubt as to it's authenticity as a pre-1935 applied example. The helmet itself is of unknown manufacture. Actually no records exist to determine which contractors produced these helmets at this time. The liner and chinstrap assembly are commensurate with other examples of the period. This example remains in intact and sound condition. Price $5800.00



 Item 895 M35 single decal army helmet



 This is an M35 re-issue helmet which is a size 66 however the maker/size markings have been completely obscured by the wartime applied textured finish. (It appears to be an ET or SE shell) When undergoing refurbishment, the shell had been completely stripped of it's original M35 spec paint and decals before being painted in M40 spec paint. A Heer service branch decal was applied over the paint. It is a re-issue type produced by Methner & Berger and remains 90% intact. The liner assembly is a post 1940 steel framed type which was installed at the time of the refurbishment. The chinstrap has every indication of being original to the helmet. The exterior of the helmet bears slight traces of a former whitewash. Overall; this is a helmet with a great "honest" look to it and no doubt; saw action on at least a couple of fronts during the war. $925.00



Do NOT forget these men and what they did for you




 Item 847 M1915 Italian Adrian helmet

fitted as a parade helmet for a General




 This an original M1915 helmet produced for Italy by France. (France was an industrial giant during WW1. Once they got production of the M15 rolling, they were turning them out by the bushel; supplying them to any country who had enough money to order them. Few other countries took the pains to design and produce their own helmet...there was a war on, you know.) The shell is a medium size one with factory applied green paint and standard M15 liner (as would be found in any Adrian produced at that time) It was made without frontal badge retention holes. The standard Italian helmet of the period did not use frontal badges. This helmet is fitted with a cloth backed silver eagle and silver side mount for a parade plume. Comes from the Rudy D'angelo collection. $3000.00




 Item 655 Ssh36 Soviet army helmet, dated 1936!




 Here is an example of one of the first Ssh 36 helmets to be produced. The shell retains 90% of its original green paint and the early pre-war style red star is mostly present on the front. The shell is a size marked as a size 4. (earlier Ssh helmets were made in 4 different sizes; later ones only in 3 sizes) The liner is the cloth bag style used until the early war years; at5 which time it was replaced by the three pads system. This helmet has an early cloth strap with grommeted buckle prong holes. The crowning feature is the maker mark and 1936 production date. A very rare helmet in very nice, original condition. $1950.00














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