This year I decided to take my son on his first trip to Normandy. Just me and him. Mom stayed at home.

(That meant no brushing teeth, washing hands or any of that stuff that takes up so much time out of a kid's day)

Here we are leaving the Detroit airport on our way to France.



 Three generations of our family seen here at the Omaha beach exit near St Laurent-sur-mer where my Dad entered the battle of Normandy in the summer of 1944



This is a small outdoor military show set up in the center of St Marie du Mont. The place was filled to the rim with collectibles, re-enactors and period military vehicles.



The boy is posing with his main find of the show.



Taking time out for breakfast; chocolate chip croissants.




Viewing the displays at St Marie-du-Mont



Here is Mikey's favorite photo; posing with US paratroopers at St Marie Du Mont.




http:/The Battery at Longues-sur-Mer; Four 152mm naval guns that fell to the British on June 7.




/The Observation bunker which was manned by Maj. Werner Pluskat in the movie "The longest day"



/Eating hot dogs at Arromanches; the site of the surviving "Mulberry" artificial harbor. I have been coming to this place for 25 years and I have always preferred the hot dogs.




One of the better privately owned museums in Europe; housed in the building that stood at "Dead-man's corner" since long before the war.

Inside the "Dead-man's corner" airborne museum; the combat uniforms and equipment of Major Dick Winters of "Band of brothers" fame.