Here we are at the Fox-Green sector of Omaha beach



Just like the movie poster for "The Longest day"



Nothing like re-enacting the scene while on-the-spot



The US "Big red one" assaulting Hitler's vaunted "Atlantik-wall"



The Germans put up a murderous fire from the cliffs....



...but in the end, the American forces prevailed



Achieving victory on Omaha beach (while the other 7-year-olds are back in the states going to school)



Time to check out the bunkers behind the German lines



Looking out over the beach from the former German positions.




This casemate once held an 8.8cm gun which was trained on the length of Omaha beach



Normandy has been a well known dairy region for a hundred years at least. Those cows looked quite tasty too.



The American military cemetery behind Omaha beach at Colleville sur-mer; 9387 graves on 172 acres. Many of the servicemen are D-day KIAs (as shown below)




While there we stopped to remember also the heroes of D-Day who returned home; Men like Walter Ehlers ( 18th regiment, 1st infantry division) recipient of the congressional medal of honor for actions just a few days after he came ashore on June 6.


Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, 18th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division.

  Goville, France, 9-10 June 1944.