/Modeling a US paratrooper helmet at the place d'eglise in St Mere Eglise



The military show at St Mere Eglise




In the square at St Mere Eglise: One of the very few times that our shirts were actually still white.


Just goes to show that you can get a pizza just about anywhere


I really don't remember the meaning of this photo.

St. Mere Eglise: Although there are US Re-enactors all over the region; very few or none were actually from the US. I believe these guys were from Belgium.



This is the fairly new monument erected at the place where E/506 took out the German Battery at Brecourt


Fitting in with the re-enactors back at St Marie du Mont.





A traffic jam at St. Marie du Mont.




Omaha beach at high tide. The weather wasn't so good that day so we went back to the hotel to watch D-day documentaries.



In France you can get Bread from a Vending machine

This photo is just to prove to Mom that he washed up at least once that week.