Can anybody help to identify this photo?

Specifically, what unit these men may be from?

I have found various copies of this photo. Always captioned as "247mm Rail-gun captured by men of the US seventh army near Rentwertshausen; April 10, 1945".

 I would like to know if a more specific ID could be made regarding the men in the photo.

The reason is that Rentwertshausen was in the path of the 45th infantry division during April 1945.


My Dad's brother; Edward Niewiarowicz served with L company, 157th regiment of the 45th division during this period. The below indicated soldier bears a striking resemblance to Uncle Eddie. He is long dead so he could neither confirm or deny being in this photo. I am just curious if I could narrow down the ID of the men in the photo to being of the same division, regiment or even Battalion.