The fields south of Kursk. Looking east from Yakovlevo which was near the starting point for the 4th Panzer army's advance northeast towards Prokhorovka



The Bus stop at Yakovlevo. A real example of Soviet design from the 50s-60s



A portion of the soviet designed monument north of Belgorod. Again, very typical of the soviet's depiction of their heroic armored crewmen.



This is the melted engine block of a T-34 tank. It contains the German AP round which originally set the tank afire. Displayed in a museum/memorial on the Kursk/Belgorod highway.



A portion of shattered German tank armor on display.



This is the monument south of Prokhorovka. It sits in a field which was the high-water mark of II SS panzerkorps advance in the southern pincer. They were stopped here by the Russian 5th guards tank army.



T-34s on display south of Prokhorovka. The Russians appear to have no shortage of them; even today.



I love the way tanks are adorned with Soviet slogans. Here: "For the Motherland!"



"Death to the fascist invaders!"



I love old Russian cars too.



This is a very neat (and newly constructed) monument erected in Prokhorovka. it shows T-34s bowling over German Tigers. Again: "For the motherland!"







An orthodox Church being restored in the center of Belgorod. Almost 20 years after perestroika, they are still working on re-converting old churches back to places of worship rather than the grain storage buildings that the Soviets used them for.