Item W-21 US M1917 Helmet; 89th Division



This helmet is one of the "Holy Grails" of US WW1 helmet collectors. It is a 100% original 5th Marine regiment helmet with original applied EGA device and painted Indian head on a red square (indicating the insignia of the 1st Battalion/5th marine regiment of Belleau wood fame) The helmet has the name "Cox" engraved onto the leather chinstrap. I have owned this helmet for 20 years. Back when I first got it, I remember checking the 1919 printed 2nd division unit history and there is a Marine of the 1st Battalion 5th regiment namjed Cox who received the croix de Guerre. The helmet is a British Brodie which was the type issued to the first US troops who arrived to France in late 1917.  SOLD



Item W-22 US M1917 Helmet; 89th Division



This helmet was painted as a souvenir just after the war. I would guess it was done before 1940 anyway. Very nicely executed hand rendered painting of a 77th division insignia. The helmet exterior was smoothened for the repaint but the interior retains the factory textured paint. Liner is intact and sound. No chinstrap.  $200.00




 Item W-20 US WW1 Helmet; 35th Division


This helmet is a British supplied Brodie pattern. It bears the dual sided insignias of the 139th infantry brigade. The stenciled "G" above the insignia is unknown to me. The headliner has moth damage but the liner and strap are intact.  $225.00