This 101st airborne "Screaming eagle" patch belonged to Major Richard Winters of the 506th PIR and it was on one of the uniforms that he wore overseas during his service in WW2.

I did not get this patch directly from Major Winters and have; in fact, never met him. A very good friend of mine lives in the town next door to Winters' town and was one of Major Winters' closest friends. A couple of years after "Band of Brothers" was published in the early 90s (several years before the HBO mini-series was ever contemplated) Winters had decided to sell off the majority of his personal WW2 memorabilia including his own uniforms and equipment as well as articles of captured German weapons and gear. Another fellow who is also a friend of mine was called to assist Winters in appraising and selling the material. At this point in time; although not yet as famous as he would later become, Winters nonetheless had thoughts as to the potential historic value of these articles and had each item photographed, described and cataloged with accompanying documents bearing his signature. This patch was one of the items. It was documented along with the items to be sold but was given to my friend who helped Winters to sell his memorabilia. I later obtained this patch from my friend along with it's accompanying signed document and a signed 35mm photo of the patch and original list of materials to be sold on Winters' behalf.

It is just a patch. There are many like it which were worn by countless other men whose service to their country was just as heroic and significant as Winters' own contributions. But to me it is special. Sort of like some small connection to a man who was representative of a very special breed of men during a very special time in history.

May God bless you Richard Winters. May God bless each and every member of "the greatest generation".