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Restored WW1 Helmets


As worn by The Imperial German army 1916-1918

“German Helmets inc.” offers the finest available completely restored Model 1916 and Model 1918 German helmets.

 Original Helmet shells have been repainted in the correct grey green smooth finish. The liners, specially made by leather craftsmen in Europe are constructed of the correct grades of leather and finished to exact original specifications. The split-pins used to mount the liners are exact reproductions and include the thicker headed one at the rear.

    Each helmet comes complete with correct chinstrap

A note on sizing;

    M1916 liners being a bit more primitive than the later WW2 liners, allow for a wider size tolerance. Meaning simply, bigger heads fit into smaller helmet shell sizes than their WW2 counterparts. In each pad of the liner there is a pocket into which a padding “pillow” can be inserted. These helmets come without “pillows”.  As such, these helmets are slightly oversized. The buyer can add padding as needed. Without padding, a size 66 helmet shell can fit up to a size 7 3/4 hat-size.

A note on condition; READ THIS!!

   I am dealing with original helmet shells which are over a hundred years old. You wouldn’t imagine the types of things that have happened to some of these in the years following the great war. This on top of whatever mayhem they had to endure during the war. In short; I am saying that you should please not expect perfection as far as shell condition. I do my best to remove noticeable dents. (Oddly, the larger ones are easier to remove than smaller ones.)  I do not accept shells which are cracked by either battle damage or post-war mis-use. However sometimes pitting is a problem. I choose not to use any sort of bondo or fiberglass material. I fill in pitting (when it is present) as much as I can with the same type of paint that I use for the surface. Sometimes pitting shows through; especially inside the dome where it cannot easily be worked on. Overall my success is pretty good and most of my helmets have no issues of these sort. But there are exceptions. Again; if you seek perfection; please do not seek it here.



This is a typical example of the M16 helmets which I have stripped and repainted. This example is a shell size 66. I generally have these available with either of two liner types which are shown below:

These photos show the helmet with the first model which was accepted for mass production in early 1916. It is composed of three leather pads sewn to a leather circumferential frame.

These photos show the helmet with the steel framed liner which was adopted by most manufacturers in 1917; often referred to as the M17 liner.

I love all of the film versions. Neither is perfect but each has something going for it.

M16 helmet Sizes available

PLEASE NOTE: Since “All quiet on the Western front” debuted on Netflix in October, there has apparently been a spike in interest for restored M16 helmet and thus I am sold out of all sizes. I have helmet shells to restore and should be able to restock in the not-too-distant future… but just not sure when. In the meantime; I still have some M18s available listed below.


Helmet size 64 (liner size 56-58)     $450.00   AVAILABLE

Helmet size 66 (liner size 58-60)     $450.00   AVAILABLE

Helmet size 68 (liner size 61-62)     $575.00    SOLD OUT


M18 Camouflage helmets

I bought a small supply of these reproduction M18 helmets that are camouflaged.  They are Asian made reproduction shells with reproduction liners and new paint. They are all shell size 64. Nothing is original but they are fun. And cheap too. You can buy one for $100 + post.


I have several M18s available and are listed individually below with other one-off type helmets


M18 helmet Sizes available


Restored helmet #408 M16 ET66

This is an Si66 helmet shell with original paint and original split-pins. It’s actually only partially restored/mostly original. The liner is an aged reproduction. (not “age-enhanced” or chemically aged…I believe this liner is from the 1980s and matches the condition of the helmet shell simply because it is old itself.). The chinstrap is one of my European-made reproductions. Overall the helmet has a great original look . $550.00



Restored helmet #401 M16 ET66

This is an all original ET66 M16 shell. The restoration was not done by me. I got it as it is.  The helmet is free of cracks and major dents. There is rust pitting effectingn the inside a bit. The chinstrap connection mate poorly to the round chinstrap hooks and would need to be peened over a bit to keep the strap from falling off. (This is a common problem with all original M16 helmets; which is why original chinstraps are so very rare). It’s a decent display helmet though. The camouflage is quite good; which is why I did not strip it and restore it again myself. $375.00



Restored helmet #405 M18 ET64

This is an all original ET64 M18 shell that has been stripped and repainted in standard feldgrau paint.  The helmet was finished off with European-made liner and chinstrap. $475SOLD




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