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Restored WW2 Helmets



As worn by Wehrmacht and SS forces of Hitler’s Germany 1935-1945.

   “In the field of restored helmets, you will find no match to the results of the painstaking research and experience that goes into the helmets offered here.

I offer the following helmets:

– “Factory-new” restored helmets (Original helmet shells restored to appear just as they came out of the factory)

– “M38 Paratrooper helmets” (Components produced in multiple locations; painted and assembled here in my shop) – see those below

– “Large size reproduction helmets” (helmets shells sourced in Asia with European made liner components; painted and assembled here in my shop) – see those below

– “Custom restored helmets” (helmets which have been re-painted, decaled or camouflaged) – see those below

Helmet shells: All “Factory new” Restored helmets offered are ORIGINAL WW2 German helmets. “German helmets inc.” Will not touch a Spanish or post-war German helmet. All helmet shells used are original Pre-1945 German produced.
PLEASE NOTE: Regarding the condition of the helmet shell; Every effort is made to supply the buyer with a helmet that is free of cracks, dents or rust pitting. Helmet shells are carefully examined prior to restoration.

Paints: Helmet shells that are early M1935 examples are finished in “Smooth texture gray-green” just as originals. (OR for a more correct war-time appearance, M35s are also available in textured “feld-grau”… this is offered on special-order basis only. I don’t stock them normally.)
Helmet shells that are M1940 or M1942 are finished in wartime “feld-grau” and have the correct rough texture added.
Both the color and (where applicable) texture are specially mixed to match mint original examples in my collection.
All paints used are hard enamel.

Liners: Each helmet is fitted with a reproduction liner that is new made in Europe to exact specifications.

Chinstraps: Each helmet comes complete with a high quality reproduction chinstrap (as described in the page “reproduction helmet components”)

Decals: Helmets are without decals to allow the customer to choose his own. A variety of decals are offered below.

Sizes: Please refer to the size chart for availability and prices.

Models: All listed models are normally available. The early/pre war M35 is generally the more hard to find model but I try to keep them in stock as well.
It is best to send me an E-mail to confirm that I have the exact size/model that you need. (Use the E-mail link at the bottom of each page on this site.)

Condition: (PLEASE remember to take this into account! ) The helmet shells are 65+ years old. They have been through a world war. They have been kicked about in storage for decades. There are likely going to be a few that have nicks on the rims; there are likely going to be some that have a small ding or possibly even a rust pit or two. Further; as with originals, (especially mid to late-war produced helmets) there is the possibility of a helmet having manufacture flaws such as a strange “grain” to the metal that shows through the paint or even a minor paint run. I am often asked to special pick helmets which will be as perfect as possible in every way. I try to do this but guarantee nothing in this regard. I can only say that I have experienced only a couple of returns over the last 10 years. This; with over 1000 helmets sold, is a 99% success rate. That’s better odds than you are going to get from the Trojan company.



Factory new” restored original helmets available in Models M35, M40 and M42

Available in either Heer/SS feldgrau or Luftwaffe blue/gray




An M40 painted in Luftwaffe feldblau  (Luftwaffe helmets are less in demand and therefore not as wide a selection is kept on my shelfs. Your specific size and/or model may have to be ordered and then prepared)


  I have to brag about my textured paint mixture. I use powdered aluminum oxide just as the Germans did. It is applied with the paint using a method of my own devising in order to replicate the finish produced by the industrial painters at the original helmet factories. NOBODY DOES THIS THE WAY I DO AND NOBODY GETS THE RESULTS AS CORRECTLY AS I DO)


 The below list is current as of November 28, 2020. But it is best to contact me to verify that the size you want is still available. (I do not update this list every day)

See prices below

Shell Size M-42 M-40 M-35
Size 62 (liner size 54-55) $200.00






         Size 64      (liner size 56-57 $225.00

Available *


NOT Available


Available *

        Size 66      (liner size 58-59) $275.00

NOT Available




  NOT Available

         Size 68       (liner size 60-61 $400.00



NOT Available



NOT Available


The above chart is current as of February 23, 2021. I will most likely be re-stocked on several of the above model/sizes which are currently marked as “Not available”

Please note: liners are sized as follows for each of the shell sizes;

Shell size 62/liner size 55

Shell size 64/liner size 57

Shell size 66/liner size 59

Shell size 68/liner size 61

Below is a size chart to convert your hat-size to a helmet/shell size. If you do not know your hat size, measure your head at the brow with a tape measure.

U.S. hat size head measurement in inches (in inches)  metric hate size helmet shell size
         6 7/8          21.25             54              62
         7          21.50             55              62
         7 1/8          22             56              64
         7 1/4          22.50             57              64
         7 3/8          23             58              66
         7 1/2          23.25             59              66
         7 5/8          23.50             60              68
         7 3/4           24             61              68




I do not generally apply decals to my factory new restored helmets. I do have a variety of helmets below that I have finished with decals but for those of you who wish to apply decals to your helmets and want the very best decals available, try this below link. This is a French company run by A good and knowledgeable fellow named Stephane who produces them Himself. Stephane has gone to great lengths to get the details right and offer many decals which are replicas of factory-specific insignia. I have seen  many of them myself and the quality is better than any other reproduction decals which I have seen. His decals are lacquer transfer types and he offers easy instructions on how to apply them. The link to his website is here:


NEW! M38 Fallschirmjaeger helmets

I have been working on this for a long time. I started with the idea that there is not a reasonable quality reproduction of the M38 paratrooper helmet offered anywhere for a reasonable price. All there has been so far are the mega cheap Chinese crappy reproductions on eBay for under a hundred dollars. OR you can spring for one of the ultra high quality ones offered from various sellers for $600 to $1000. I set out to see if a reasonable quality M38 could be offered for a reasonable price. 

The shells – Back in the 1990s Rollin Curtis from “At the front” had a run of very tolerable-quality size 71 cm shells made in Asia. These helmet shells were the first attempt at decent copies and they compare favorably to originals; having the correct visor shape and height of the shell vs circumference. Rollin never ended up having the rest of the components produced so the shells sat around. I decided to get a supply of these.

The liners – I found a guy in California who could make the aluminum frames. I bought them from him and sent them to a leather-worker in New Jersey to have the leather and rubber padding installed into them.

The bolts – I found a supply of the first quality steel vented spanners which had been made in Czechoslovakia back in the early 90s.

The straps – Very good reproductions made in Asia.

The paint – My own mixture of 1940 spec feldgrau which is applied with 220 grit aluminum oxide powder

So we’ve got shells and straps made in Asia, Liners made in the USA and bolts made in Europe. The resulting helmets are assembled and painted here in my shop. They are intended to replicate a mid-war helmet with slotted spanners and RB numbered liners. I think I have done a fairly good job of putting together a helmet of reasonable quality and offered at a reasonable price. The helmets are sold WITHOUT decals until such a time as I can find a supply of suitable quality Eagle decals. As you can see, the leather liners vary according to color but each is on the correct grade and weight of leather.


The Helmets are a shell size 71 and I can supply them with liner Size 60.  No other sizes are possible at this point. I am sold out of the liners in sizes 59 and 61. No way to restock unless I start the whole project over again.

Price $395.00


Here are some original helmets restored with decals applied

The following helmets are my own restorations. Just like the “factory new” ones listed above. Except I have added decals to them. They did not all turn out exactly the same so I have photographed each one. Each helmet is unique and the pictured helmet is the one you would be getting it you buy it. Some have flaws as described.

Each is a restored ORIGINAL WW2 German helmet with ORIGINAL maker markings.

Each has decals which were applied with lacquer. The decals are firmly in place. They are not coming off unless you chisel them off.



Helmet #269; M18 Shell size 68!

This is an original M18 shell which is a shell size 68. The maker mark is not visible. Either it was too weakly stamped or has been filled in with paint (or both) but it is Guranteed to be an original pre-1919 produced shell. The heat-lot number is present in the dome (they put the heat lot numbers in the domes of all WW1 era shells unlike those they placed at the rear of the M35 series helmets) The helmet has been repainted with my special mixed feldgrau paint. I installed a european-made M18 reproduction liner and chinstrap assembly. Thisd is only the second or third one of these helmets in this size that I have ever seen in my life. So if you have a large head (size 60-62) you don’t want to miss out on this one. $575.00



Helmet #268; M40 Q64

This is an M40 Q64 that somebody restored years ago as a Felherrenhalle helmet. (New aint and decals) I added the liner and strap. The split-pins are reproductions that came with the helmet. The shell appears to be an original WW2 Quist judging by the style/font of the maker/size marking but I can see no lot number whatsoever. The dome shape is typical for pre-1945 production and the vents fall in line with what pre-1945 ones look like…. But no lot number is visible. Anyway; it’s quite a looker. $250.00



Helmet #267; M40 EF66

This is an EF66 helmet shell. The maker mark is quite faint or has been covered by the overpaint. This helmet was not restored by me. It hs new paint and decal with a reproduction liner and chinstrap. $450.00



Helmet #264; M40 ET64

This is an original M40 ET64 helmet shell. It has been painted in my special mixed M40 spec textured paint. A Luftwaffe decal was applied with lacquer. European made reproduction size 57 liner. SOLD



Helmet #263; M40 ET62


This is an original  M40 ET62 helmet shell. It has been painted in my special mixed M40 spec textured paint. An SS decal was applied with lacquer and then the helmet was sprayed over in a three color “Normandy” camouflage pattern. European made reproduction liner and chinstrap. $225.00



Helmet #261; M42 Hkp68

This is an original M42 Hkp68 helmet. The shell ha a reverse dent on the top but is NOT cracked. It has been painted in my special mixed M40 spec textured paint. A decal was applied with lacquer and then the helmet was sprayed over in a three color “Normandy” camouflage pattern. European made reproduction liner and chinstrap top it all off. $365.00



Helmet #260; M42 Hkp68

This is an original M42 Hkp68 helmet shell. It was painted by somebody other than me and has been worn and aged. The liner and chinstrap is a quality reproduction which I believe it European made. $375.00



Helmet #257; M40 ET60

This is an original ET60 M40 helmet shell which has been painted in my special mixed M40 spec textured paint. A decal was applied with lacquer and then the helmet was sprayed over in a three color “Normandy” camouflage pattern. European made reproduction liner and chinstrap top it all off. $195.00



Helmet #256; M40 Q66

This is an original Q66 M40 helmet shell which has been painted in my special mixed M40 spec textured paint. A decal was applied with lacquer and then the helmet was sprayed over in a three color “Normandy” camouflage pattern. European made reproduction liner and chinstrap top it all off. $365.00 ON HOLD



Helmet #254

This is an original M42 helmet shell size 62. Finished in my special mix M40 spec paint with texture and adorned with a lacquer transfer SS decal. SOLD



Helmet #244

This is an M42 helmet in shell size 62 with a bvl maker mark. Painted in textured paint with a lacquer applied army decal. SOLD










Waffen SS helmet covers


This is the early type cover with no attached camouflage loops. It is made from cotton poplin material printed with an excellent rendition of “Oak-A” camouflage. The spring attached rocker hooks are also quite accurate. $29.00



This is the late war type cover with attached camouflage loops. It is made from cotton poplin material printed with an excellent rendition of “Oak-A” camouflage. The spring attached rocker hooks are also quite accurate. $29.00


  German M16 transitional helmets

Original WW1 produced M16 helmets that have been restored to 1940 era transitional specifications. Each helmet has been repainted with wartime textured “feld grau” paint and completed with M31 liner, chinstrap and split-pins.


Helmet Size 64 (liner size 56-57) $329.00  AVAILABLE  
Helmet Size 66 (liner size 58-59) $349.00 AVAILABLE
Helmet Size 68 (liner size 60-61) $459.00  SOLD OUT 




   Helmet restoration services

There are those that have their own WW2 German helmet and prefer to have it restored rather than buy a complete helmet. I can offer the following services:

Complete Helmet rebuild: I will repaint your helmet shell in any color/texture that I offer, install a new reproduction liner and split-pins, install a new reproduction chinstrap and supply decal(s) of your choice provided I have the decals in stock. Price $155.00 + $25.00 return postage

Complete helmet repaint: If your helmet is already complete, I will repaint the shell and split-pins in any color/texture that I offer. (camouflage schemes are not offered at this time) I can also supply decal(s) of your choice provided I have the decals in stock. Price: $60.00+ $25.00 return postage

Partial helmet rebuild: There are those who have trouble assembling their helmets. If you buy the components from me and want them to be correctly installed into your helmet, I will do this free of charge. Just send your helmet to me along with payment for whichever components you require and I will assemble and return the helmet via USPS priority mail at your expense ($25.00 postage per helmet)

If you need something done to your helmet that is not listed here, contact me.


** I will attend to the work on your helmet with the same attention to detail as I do my own.  I will not lose your helmet nor damage it. I will not loan it to friends to wear at wild parties, nor will I dump it at the local pawn shop. Your helmet will not be bounced down the street, used for target practice nor worn by me during inappropriate activities. **

In short; Your helmet will be well-treated, correctly restored and promptly returned.

 Most Helmet services can be completed and ready to return to the customer within 7 days of my receiving the helmet. All services are to be paid at the time that the helmet is sent to me. Customer must add $25.00 for cost of return postage + any insurance costs. Any helmet shell sent to me for restoration/repainting must first be prepared by the customer. In most cases, this entails simply making certain that the helmet surface is smooth. What you send to me is what I will paint.  I do not fill in rust pits. I do not weld cracks. I do not fill in bullet holes or reshape helmets that have suffered grievous damage from being run-over, blown-up, burned, melted or that have fallen victim to calamities either natural or man-made.


These are high quality water transfer decals with excellent graphics. These decals come in a set of two for early war helmets. If you are applying them to a later war helmet, you will want to omit the use of the party or national color shield.

Decal application instructions: Place the decals in a bowl of warm water for 20-30 seconds. remove them from the water and slide them off of the backing paper onto the helmet surface. Blot dry with a paper towel and allow to fully air-dry for a few hours. After they are dry, you may want to spray on a thin layer of clear flat lacquer to seal them.


“German Helmets inc” does not apply decals to “Factory new” helmets. The buyer is responsible for applying the decals as once the decals are applied, the helmet becomes ineligible for return. If you want a helmet with decal(s), check out the one’s that I have listed and photographed above.

  1. B. C.
  2. SS “Second pattern” Runes with Party shield  AVAILABLE
  3. Wehrmacht eagle with national colors shield AVAILABLE
  4. Luftwaffe eagle with national colors shield AVAILABLE






(Really, I am not making this stuff up!)

Click HERE to read testimonials about my work posted on another independent site


Testimonials sent directly to me:

“…Got the helmet today. Its perfect! Fits great, looks really good, I’m 100 percent pleased with the work. Thank you so much. I will highly recommend you to everyone I know. Wish I had done this months ago instead of messing around with repros, live and learn I guess. Again thank you so much.”…Jason     

“…Just wanted you to know I received the helmet today and I an completely impressed. Thank you so much…..Bob.

“…I just thought I’d let you know I received my helmet today. To say I’m please with it would be an understatement. I think it’s the best helmet I’ve ever seen. It really is a work of art. The liner fits perfectly and it really looks well on my head. The paint work is flawless. Thank you so much.….Oisín

“…I wanted to write you a letter expressing my appreciation for your fine service and product. I ordered from your an M42 helmet on Monday evening; you shipped it Tuesday morning, and it was on my doorstep on Thursday. It looks absolutely perfect, fits like a glove, and was the envy of every member of the unit at our training event this past weekend! I could not be more pleased with your service or with the helmet you sent, and I made sure to mention to everyone where it came from! Thank you again.….Nicholas

” …Received helmet in the mail today. Glad to say everything that I’ve heard about your work is true! EXCELLENT quality throughout, very authentic in appearance, very quick delivery & professional customer service! Thanks again, and look forward to doing more business with you in the future….Ryan

“….I just received my refurbished WWII German M. 1940 helmet today, and it is just as I would expect from German Helmets Inc. and you, PERFECT, thanks again for such great products and service! – James
“…Just to let you know, the helmet arrived today and it’s awesome. It looks
great, I like it very much and so I’m glad I chose to buy from you”.
– Michael

“Hey Ken, I received the helmet today….. WOW even better than the pictures! You have made my week!! By far the best work I have ever seen done… Almost too good to wear into battle… 🙂 Thanks a lot for every thing and when people ask where I got such a nice helmet I will point them in your direction!! – Ian

“…I just got my helmet today and I just wanted to tell you great work!! The shell looks brand new, and the reproduced components are top quality! Beautiful Job. Thanks so much for the excellent product and quick delivery”.– Joe

“…I just got back from a long day of re-enactors training (we are Waffen SS 7 Kompanie Nord) and my helmet was already here waiting for me!  All I can say is, it fits PERFECTLY and I am very, very pleased.  Your work is of the finest quality. In addition,  your service and considerate professional courtesy for your customers is excellent.  Simply put, but none the less heartfelt, when it comes to German helmets, YOU RULE!  your friend and another extremely satisfied customer”  – Raymond

“…The helmet arrived yesterday and I am really surprised and happy with the outcome of your excellent work! The painting is very well done and it now all looks as if the helmet had just left the factory. I will spread the word in Spain and recommend your service.

Thank you very much for the good work and quick return. – Santiago

“….helmet arrived today and id just like to complain… but I cant! its absolutely beautiful!! to think that an item over 60 years old and been through the daddy of all wars can be so lovingly restored back to un issued quality is amazing…

im glad I paid the price and got an original well restored piece rather than gamble else where for dubious quality… THANKS!!!” – Tim

“…I received the m35 helmet today and I am impressed! Your passion for accuracy is evident in the quality. Quick turn around even after refinishing it to texture field-gray! Pleasure doing business with you and look forward to future dealings.” – Dan

“…Got the helmet and it looks great. Thanks for the fast service. I will
give my recommendation on your products to anyone really interested in
obtaining a great helmet, Thanks Ken”
– Randy

“…Got the helmets last week.. for your outstanding service and quick replies alone you stand among or just simply at the top of the list for vendors of German helmets I’d recommend to others. I’m very happy with my new m42 shell with my old liner in it, but I’m most pleased with the m40! I wear it all the time and cant wait to go to my next event with it! Thank you VERY much!’ – Darran

“… I am now the proud owner of an  M-35 restored by Ken of German Helmets inc. Cannot believe how fast it was delivered- from Michigan to Australia in just over a week! Outstanding quality with fantastic paint work, your passion evident by the attention to detail. Your website service and quality craftsmanship have set extremely high standards of which you should be proud…” – Alex

“…I am very pleased with the M40 helmet you sent. The color and texture are perfect. I can’t believe that you sent this out on Friday and it arrived on my door step the next day in Arizona. Now that is what I call excellent customer service. Thanks again and I definitely will be sending you my M42 shell for finishing in the near future – Rich

“…Just wanted to let you know that I received the helmet yesterday and that I am pleased beyond words at the appearance and quality of this item. After seeing a few in militaria shops around my area in comparison, your helmet stands above all of them. The liner is top quality and very well crafted and the same goes for the chinstrap. Last but not least, the paint texture and color are amazing to look at and I am proud to own an item that stands out as much as this does. My wife was even impressed by the looks of the helmet-That is saying quite a lot! I’d also like to comment on the speedy delivery of this item. I received it 2 days after payment!   You are a top notch person  to deal with who I can tell gives great detail to  producing a  top quality – authentic to the times German helmet.  I will be back!! “– James
“…I had just received my restored M-35 helmet today from German Helmets, Inc., and I must say, that your attention to detail, correct color/ texture is truly amazing.  Aside from my purchasing original helmets from you in the past, and wanting to purchase a restored helmet out of curiosity, and in comparison to an original helmet from my collection, I’m nearly at a loss for words in trying to describe just how original this helmet really appears, it’s nothing short of exceptional in every way!  Thank you for the great site, exceptional work, and superior items that you offer, “I’ll be back !” – Bill

“….Received my M42 helmet today. First of all, let me say “Thank You” for an excellent job. It far surpassed what I expected! Secondly, you surprised me on the shipping time, I expected a week or so not a few days!! I look forward with ordering from you in the future.” – John

“…Excellent job done on the helmet you worked on for me. When it was delivered today, I was excited and when I saw the finished product, I was elated!!! I give you an A+++++ to the 10th degree!!! Thanks Ken.”– Steve

“…Ken Thank you I received helmet it is wonderful… You do a great job and it looks great and authentically restored)))) keep up good work))) -John

“…I got the helmet that I ordered from you this morning. Thanks for the superb work and speedy delivery” -Roger

“… I have gotten my helmet in the post today. Thank you for fast delivery to France. I am very happy with the appearance of this M42 helmet. In France, we do not have such a service as the kind that you offer. Many thanks to you.” –Jean-Claude

“…I have just received my helmet and I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with it. You do really good work and I will be ordering again very soon.” –William

“…I got my restored helmet today. Three days after payment……great service and one GREAT HELMET! The texture, paint are perfect M1940-M1942. The Liner is the best of all, smooth soft leather…..top quality. I will be buying from German Helmets again! Thanks so much” -Mark

“…received the helmet   today and it looks GREAT!  Many thanks again.  I definitely will be ordering more things from you in the future.  Your prices are good and your an honest man.”-  Wayne

“…Wow!! My helmet arrived today, and, even though I was expecting to be pleased, I was not expecting anything near the quality and workmanship that I now hold. This piece of history is impressive beyond words. I really do not know what to say, but for now, thank you very much!” –  Harry

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