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#1 Thing: You won’t believe the number of people who send me a payment via mail by putting a check/MO in an envelope with a shipping address and nothing else. No note, no e-mail address, no item name or item number. They assume that they are the only person who is buying something from me and I will automatically know.  After I waste my time digging through old E-mails or write a snail-mail letter and finally find out who is it, the answer is always something like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know”.

Why didn’t they know? They never have an answer to that. Just…”Duh….I didn’t know”.   It’s very simple…  You are a grown-up. If you want your item delivered, tell me what you are sending the payment for.

…#2 Thing: I will NO longer set aside or “hold” an item for more than a week without a deposit. It has just happened again. A buyer asks that I hold a helmet until he can send a check 14 days later. Then on the 18th day, he writes his regrets that he has to back out. I do understand that hard times and unexpected things occur. But I cannot judge whether the buyer was originally serious about the purchase or just likes to play games. So unless the buyer and I have an established history; There is going to have to be a down payment for any item that the buyer wants me to hold for him. And yes. Down payments are not refundable. So please think ahead.


ORDERING: You can send your order to me via E-mail (The E-mail link is provided at the bottom of each page of this site)  In the case of original or “one-of-a -kind” items, they will be sold in the order that requests are received, and I will contact you to confirm that your ordered item is available. When making inquiries about such items, please include the item number.

Tracking numbers: Consider this a WARNING and you probably won’t like it. I am old-school. I remember a time when we didn’t absolutely have to know which day our package would arrive. I still live in that day and I do things the old way. I do not “click & ship”. I take my packages to the post office and I pay them in cash and I get a receipt and put it in my wallet. I do not have an automated system whereas you are sent e-mails to confirm every step of the process. But I am not a meanie. I understand that sometimes a guy wants to use a tracking number to see where his parcel is. If you ask me, I will dig through my receipts and send you a tracking number if I have not misplaced the receipt. Usually I am able to so…but sometimes I don’t keep the best track of where my receipts are. So I make NO guarantee. If you decide to purchase from me, do so with this understanding. My customer service in this area can be inefficient at times. But in 30 years almost NO package failed to get to where it was supposed to go.

AVAILABILITY: In the case of restored helmets and reproduction components, the items listed here are currently available.  In the case of “one-of-a-kind” items such as original helmets and components, most should still be available as I update this site frequently and remove items that are sold. Please double check before ordering. Most e-mails are answered within hours, if not immediately.

CONDITION: I try to describe the condition of offered items in the most realistic terms. All photos are true images and have not been enhanced or altered.

GUARANTEE: All items are 100% guaranteed to be as described for identification and/or originality. There have been a few occasions when I miss something in a description but it is an extremely rare occurrence and I have always made good on it. It is my intention to be as accurate as possible so as not to waste your time or mine. But, if I make a mistake, you are covered. You can buy with confidence.

PAYMENT: I am not set-up to accept credit cards. I accept Personal Checks and Money Orders. For other methods, please contact me.

I do NOT accept any PAYPAL payments for items which are Nazi or bear a swastika. I also accept bank transfers

PLEASE NOTE: All fees associated with transfers of any kind will be added to the price of the item.

Please make all checks or Money orders payable to;

Ken Niewiarowicz
P.O.Box 582
Lapeer, MI 48446

SHIPPING within the USA: I ship all domestic-bound packages via United states post office . Shipping/handling on complete helmets is $25.00 each. Shipping on components is as follows:

Helmet shells or complete helmets: $25.00  via UPS ground

Liners:$9.00  via Priority mail

Chinstraps: $4.50  via standard 1st class mail

In the case of multiple orders, shipping can be combined to save a few dollars. All items are packaged securely. No superfluous shipping charges are made. I do not intend to make any money on postal charges. Insurance is available at the customers request. Tracking numbers are normally supplied by the post office but I do not automatically forward them to the buyer as I do not use “click-N-ship” or any on-line shipping. I make parcels and go to the post office the old-fashioned way. I do not obtain insurance or delivery signature unless requested.  If you feel you will need any of the above, please notify me when you send payment.

INTERNATIONAL Buyers: I will ship to just about any country. I ship va USPS priority unless ou ask for different. Please read the above payment options and understand that I am not set-up to accept credit cards. (Do not e-mail me and ask if I accept credit cards) You would have to send payment by western union international Money order, western Union transfer, or cash in a registered letter.

(française) Acheteurs INTERNATIONAUX  je peux expédier à n’importe quel pays. Lisez s’il vous plaît les susdites options de paiement et comprenez que je ne peux pas accepter des cartes de crédit. (Ne moi envoyez pas e-mail et demandez si j’accepte des cartes de crédit) Vous devriez envoyer le paiement par “Western Union” le Mandat international, le transfert de “Western Union”, ou réaliser une lettre inscrite. EXPÉDITION INTERNATIONALE : contactez-moi S’il vous plaît pour le prix d’affranchissement et les options. Normalement, le prix pour le courrier aérien assuré est comme suit.

(Deutches) INTERNATIONALE Käufer: Ich werde an jedes Land senden. Lesen Sie bitte die obengenannten Zahlungsoptionen und verstehen Sie, dass ich Kreditkarten nicht akzeptieren kann. (Schicken Sie mir nicht per Email und fragen Sie, wenn ich Kreditkarten akzeptiere), können Sie Zahlung durch die “western Union” internationale Geldanweisung, “western Union” Übertragung machen, oder lösen einen eingetragenen Brief ein. INTERNATIONALES VERSCHIFFEN: Setzen Sie Sich mit mir bitte für den Porto-Preis und Optionen in Verbindung. Normalerweise ist der Preis für die Versicherungsnehmer-Luftpost wie folgt.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Please contact me for shipping price and options. Normally, the price for standard non-registered air-mail is as follows. (Insurance, if desired, will cost extra. If you want delivery by USPS global express; Add $10 to each of the below prices.

PLEASE do not assume that every package will have a tracking number. Tracking numbers are ONLY provided by USPS of the package is sent via global express mail.

            Destination Country         Price for postage (1 helmet)
                       USA                       $20.00 (west coast is $28)
                     Canada                       $52.00
               United kingdom                       $80.00
                   Australia                       $80.00
                 New Zealand                       $80.00
                      Japan                       $80.00
                     Taiwan                       $80.00
                   Hong Kong                       $80.00
                     Germany                       $75.00
                      Belgium                       $75.00
                       France                       $75.00
                        Spain                       $70.00
                         Italy                       $75.00

RETURNS: ALL items come with a standard 3 day inspection. If the item is found to be not as I described it, send it back for a full refund, minus postage. No “restocking charges” are applied. Item MUST be returned in the same condition as sent or else you own it.

SIZE GUARANTEE: In the case of restored helmets (which people often buy to wear) I guarantee that the size will be as described. PLEASE KNOW YOUR HAT-SIZE BEFORE YOU ORDER. The customers misjudging his/her hat-size is not a basis for refund. In this case, I would allow an exchange for another of the same item in the correct size but would issue no refund.

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Lapeer, MI 48446