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October 16;

Today’s update is here


NEW! Item 495 M40 Double decal Police helmet




 Here is a very nice 1940 vintage ET64 police helmet with 98% paint, 98% decals (note the non-bordered police decal still in use before ET switched to the bordered decal later in 1940) The liner shows light/moderate wear. There is a fairly clear 1940 type acceptance stamp inside the dome. The liner frame is dated 1940 and the chinstrap is dated 1940. Overall; a great early war helmet with all matching dates. ON HOLD

NEW! Item 496 M42 Double decal Police helmet




 This one has a lot of condition going for it. The decals rate at 99.9%. The original textured paint rates at 99%. This helmet is a Ckl64 with a liner showing only light wear. The chinstrap is by all indications; original to the helmet and bears an RB number. Overall, this helmet is as close to “Top shelf” as you are going to find. ON HOLD

NEW! Item 488 M1916 “Square-dip” helmet




 Here is a rare example of one of the First German helmets ever made. It is a first-run “Square-dip” M16 made by ET. Shell size 62. The distinctive shape of the dip before the visor identifies this as having been made with the first run of Dies used by ET early in 1916. These helmets made their debut on the Verdun front in the spring of 1916. This example retains it’s original intact leather framed M1916 leather liner with intact and non-molested split-pins.  The helmet had camouflage paint applied to it during the spring 1918 offensive of which a good portion still remains. The chinstrap has seen better days. ON HOLD

NEW! Item 489 M42 helmet Made by Quist




 Here is a helmet that is not falling out of the trees. As we all know; F.W.Quist never actually stopped producing the M40 and switched production completely to the M42 helmet. M42 Quists are pretty rare and actually the majority of ones that I have seen over the years have been re-furbished post-war as civil defense. This one retains 95% of it’s original wartime textured paint. The liner is intact and sound with the exception of a mouse-chew on one of the fingers. Luckily; the little fellow didn’t stop for a while meal…just a snack) The chinstrap is un-marked but appears to be original to the helmet. A good, solid example of a rare helmet. ON HOLD

In case anybody is interested; I have written some comments regarding the M42 Quist below:

Most of us are understandably under the impression that Quist continued to produce the M40 shell to the exclusion of the M42 model until nearly, the last stages of production. It has also been opined that even at that last stage of production, they only switched a portion of their production lines to the new model.

But let us examine the lot numbers of the few that have been recorded. I can list about 5 examples bearing combat finish such as this one. The lot numbers fall within a very short span: DN538 to DN548. If one consults the various list of lot numbers for Quist, one will see that they produced M40s with lot numbers up to DN530; after which there are no M40s with numbers in this range until Lot number DN552; which is higher than the highest number observed in the M42s. Further, in later produced M40s, the DN series lot numbers rise to the 600s.  From this we might assume that M40s and M42s were not produced concurrently.  At least with helmets using the steel lots indicated with the DN series; we must ascertain that M40 production was stopped during the period of M42 production. Further; if we are to assume the lot numbers are consistent and in chronological sequence (And it seems that most people who study lot numbers do assume that) then we must come to the conclusion that Quist made a run of M42s but then returned to M40 production.

As to the likely time-frame that this limited run of M42s took place; we are left only with the evidence of dated components. According to the list of lot numbers over at GHW; the examples which can be dated by the liner frame dates are invariably 1943. Given a 6-month delay in the time that liner frames were produced and then actually installed into helmets, we still come up with early to Mid 1944 as the likely assembly period for these Quist M42s. Now I have seen quite a few Quist M40 helmets with a liner date of 1944; indicating likely assembly in mid 1944 to 1945 (or whenever the last ones were assembled). Hence; I deduce that the Quist factory continued to make M40 helmets for quite some time after this limited run of M42s; indicating that the M42 Quist does not represent the final; or extreme late war helmets produced by that firm; but rather a possible “industrial trial” of M42 production. One which was abandoned quite some time before the military situation closed down Quist for good.

NEW! Item 490 M42 (former) single decal army helmet




 This ET64 helmet left the factory with an Army decal applied but the decal was removed in accord with the 1943 specifications regarding decals (as in; “no more decals”). We can see that it was crudely scrapped off. The rest of the helmet retains 95% of it’s original textured finish. The liner is intact and sound; and has a very nice “bowl shape” indicating moderate wear/usage. The dome acceptance stamp is clearly visible. By all indication; the chinstrap is original to the helmet. This helmet has a very well-balanced and honest appearance. $665.00

NEW! Item 491 Imperial Saxon NCO helmet





 This is an excellent example of an imperial Saxon spike helmet of the period 1910-1915. It is an extra quality private purchase type for an NCO. Most private purchase NCO helmets are assumed to be “one-year volunteer” helmets because during the period, rich kids could voluntarily enlist for a one-year term and avoid the compulsory two year term for guys that were called up. In truth, a helmet of this private purchase quality could be had by anybody who could afford to order it.

All the parts are original to the helmet and the fit is sound and tight through-out. The rossettes are “Saxon style” in shape and for of the stamping. Everything about this helmet is textbook. ON HOLD

NEW! Item 492 M16 Imperial German helmet



 Here is a decent example of your basic ww1 German combat helmet. It’s an ET64 with 90% of it’s original feldgrau paint and an intact M17 style steel framed liner with white chrome-tanned pads. ON HOLD

NEW! Item 493 M42 single decal Luftwaffe helmet



 This is an NS 64 M42 Luftwaffe helmet with 95% of it’s original wartime textured paint remaining intact. The eagle is a textbook NS style. The brown appearance of the lacquer is another thing commonly found with NS decal applications of this period. The liner is quite nice and has been named by (assumable) the veteran who brought this home. The chinstrap is made from two mis-matched but original parts. The long strap is a brown Late-war RB numbered type and the short end with buckle shows early war craftsmanship. The dome is marked with an oval acceptance stamp. ON HOLD

NEW! Item 494 M35 Double decal Luftwaffe helmet



 This is an ET64 M35 Double decal Luftwaffe helmet wit 90% of it’s original painted finish. The Eagle is a textbook second pattern and remains 80% intact. The liner is a correct aluminum re-enforced model with very decent leather. The chinstrap is an LBA marked example. The date and maker is so faint that I cannot read it. $1200.00

 Item 466 M42 double decal police helmet




  Here is a helmet that makes me just giggle with delight. It should have that effect on you as well. The paint is very much “in the dry” meaning that it has no shine caused by handling wear. It retains an excellent matte appearance with a bit of patina. Just the way we want to see them. The paint remains 98% intact. The decals rate at 98% as well. The shell is a Ckl66 with a dome acceptance stamp that remains fairly clear. The liner shows only light wear and the chinstrap is by all indications original to the helmet. This is a nice one.  ON HOLD

 Item 467 M35 double decal police helmet





  This is a Q62 helmet from the earliest part of the Quist 1940 contract. The helmet shell is an M35 which was finished off to 1940 specifications. The shell has rough texture paint on the exterior but the split-pins are remaining from M35 stock with smooth texture paint. Liner has only light wear. $1700.00

 Item 470 M40 Single decal SS helmet



 This is an M40 single decal waffen SS helmet made by Quist in 1940-41. 95-97% paint and decal. The painted finish is the typical color and texture style used by Quist during this period. The Runic shield remains in excellent condition. The chinstrap is a late war semi-patent leather type which has been added to this helmet to complete it. 100% original in every regard and in “top shelf” condition. SOLD

 Item 472 M35 single decal Luftwaffe helmet



 Here is a former Double decal Luftwaffe helmet (likely produced in 1938) that was repainted according to 1940 specifications. The national color shield is visible in relief beneath the feldblau over-paint. The liner is the original factory installed one and it shows good period wear. The chinstrap is a brown Luftwaffe type. (the Luftwaffe switched to generic Wehrmacht chinstraps in 1940) Overall a very nice combat worn example. $1150.00

 Item 474 M40 army camouflage helmet




 This is a re-issued M35 which was refurbished with a new paint job and the size stamp was ink-marked into the rear of the skirt. It is unclear as to whether the decal is the factory applied one or was re-aaplied during the refurbishment. In any case it is an August Juttner type which was used both as ET factory applications as well as later re-issues. The maker of the helmet is obscured by the textured re-issue paint. The helmet was camouflaged in one of my favorite patterns; the two color red and green which were typical vehicle paints. The helmet has an overall very honest appearance, and “one looker” camouflage. The liner shows good wartime wear . The chinstrap appears to be original to the helmet but the short end has been repaired or even field made. A very attractive display. $2900.00

 Item 476 M42 single decal army helmet



 Here is an EF 64 single decal army helmet. The decal is a typical Huber Jordan type ( EF factory application) and remains 90% intact. The exterior paint remains better than 90% intact. The interior paint has some black finish to the surface and I am not sure what cased that. Decent late war liner and a solid chinstrap. $850.00

 Item 481 M40 Soviet Russian helmet



 Here is a 1943 dated Ssh40 Russian helmet. As we all know, these helmets were produced into the post-war years with no changes in their appearance; so the presence of a wartime date is crucial when determining the vintage. I have made as clear as possible; the photos showing the date and maker mark so as not to9 cause confusion. Post-war maker marks are also different from this one. The helmet shows good wartime wear and is a large size. A very good example of the helmet worn by the red army on their way into Berlin. $700.00

 Item 484 M17 style Police transition helmet




 Here is an example of an early schutzpolezei helmet which was converted from a 1930s Austrian Rural Gendarme helmet. The paint is the original Austrian factory application and it remains 95%+ intact. The liner has not been altered and remains intact. The chinstrap is a German M31 which is maker marked at the tip. The decals are 95% and overall this piece displays very nicely. $1700.00

 Item 485 M18 double decal army Cut-out transition helmet





 Known by many as the “telephone talker” helmet or the “Cavalry” helmet; the first name is just stupid. The second has some validity because during the 1920s-30s the Cavalry was the closest thing Germany had to elite units (due to the restrictions of the Versailles treaty) so naturally their elite units got the most modern equipment they could offer; that being the last generation of the Model 16-18 series helmets.

This helmet was refurbished in 1934 or 1935 as a double decal army helmet. It was repainted and furnished with a leather framed M27 liner and chinstrap. C.A Pocher army decals were added at that time. The helmet still retains 90% of it’s feldgrau paint and the decals rate at 70%. The M27 liner is intact and sound with the early style M31 split-pins retaining their slotted washers. The leather strap is broken off at the tip but is still marked and dated 1927 near the loop end. A decent example of a super-rare helmet. ON HOLD

 Item 487 M17 style Austrian re-issue police helmet




 This is an interesting variation of the  schutzpolezei helmet which was converted from a 1930s Austrian Rural Gendarme helmet. There is a coat of German 1930s feldgrau painted over the original Austrian factory paint and it remains 90%+ intact. The liner has not been altered and remains intact. The chinstrap is a standard Austrian type and remains in very nice, pliable condition.  The decals are 90%. The paint color really sets this one off. I think I prefer it over the standard Austrian factory paint. $1500.00

Item 445 M42 Double decal Waffen SS Helmet




This is an example of the rarely encountered M42 Double decal Waffen SS helmet. It has always been assumed that these were made for Foreign troops of the Waffen SS in 1943. I have a new and slightly different theory. In 1943, the SS needed X number of helmets and each of the five factories were already engaged in other contracts so the EF factory was obliged to take a number of helmets from an existing contract of Police helmets which had been already finished but not yet shipped out. Rather than strip the insignias from the helmets, they simply applied a Pocher decal over the Police shields and left the existing party shield intact. This would be my explanation for why a double decal helmet was issued to the SS so late in the war. The German’s didn’t mean to or care to issue a double decal combat helmet but it was more expedient than to remove the party shields. In the end; it is only a theory. None of us was there and no documentary evidence exists.

The helmet is an EF 64 with a very good appearance due to honest wear overall. The decals rate at 85-90% overall and the damage is not centrally located but spread evenly. The liner shows commensurate wear. Overall a very good example of a very rare variant helmet. $8000.00

 Item 414 M35 Re-issue schutzpolizei Helmet




This is a fairly early M35 ET66 helmet which was either originally a Police or an army helmet. It was later refurbished with darker paint and a set of police decals. The inside rim of the helmet is painted over in a finish which has much more texture than the exterior. I have no explanation for this and have not seen this feature before; however, by all indications the paint is pre-1945 through-out. The helmet ha the original wearers name penned into the liner but this was subsequently crossed out and another name was written on the leather. This name also appears on a tag which is glued inside the dome of the helmet. Overall a very interesting helmet with obvious history. $1900.00

 Item 428 M40 Double decal Police Helmet




This is a very nice example of a mid-war Quist police helmet. It is an M40 Q64 with 95% paint and decals. The liner shows moderate wear as does the chinstrap. Overall the helmet has a super honest appearance. SOLD

 Item 371 M1940 Luftwaffe tropical pith Helmet



This is a fairly late helmet; most likely dating to 1943. The sweatband is not marked with any date or manufacturer. The cork body is in excellent condition with no breaks or crushed spots. The leather trim remains in excellent condition with only the most minor scuffing. The Luftwaffe eagle is a fairly high quality silver finished tombak version. The prongs are sound and firmly affixed to the side of the helmet. The helmet size is a real whopper. Although it is not size marked, it is at least a size 60. One of the better examples that I have seen. $700.00

 Item 847 M1915 Italian Adrian helmet

fitted as a parade helmet for a General




 This an original M1915 helmet produced for Italy by France. (France was an industrial giant during WW1. Once they got production of the M15 rolling, they were turning them out by the bushel; supplying them to any country who had enough money to order them. Few other countries took the pains to design and produce their own helmet…there was a war on, you know.) The shell is a medium size one with factory applied green paint and standard M15 liner (as would be found in any Adrian produced at that time) It was made without frontal badge retention holes. The standard Italian helmet of the period did not use frontal badges. This helmet is fitted with a cloth backed silver eagle and silver side mount for a parade plume. Comes from the Rudy D’angelo collection. $3000.00






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